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Nvidia returns for new highs, although the purchase of ARM is in danger

NVIDIA has taken profits from the all-time highs that it broke again last Friday and on which it has already been launched to break them again. Maintainsa progression that will start over $ 200 per share last October and who was wearing, at the close of the previous week to $ 346.47, its new record in a year that is, again being decisive for the value.

At the bottom are the good results, experts say that even the best that have been collected in the market next to those of Broadcom throughout the season, to which are added two factors more related to the metaverse: that new world, half virtual half real that you will need and a lot, just like Meta (Facebook) has already highlighted of their data centers with the idea of ​​a mega-million dollar investment that will greatly benefit the company.

The second factor is your own work and development of the Omniverse, its performance in the new metaverse that its CEO was talking about in recent days. A double aspect that establishes a new projection for the future for the company.

A decided bet of investors that is already reflected in its price despite the natural taking of profits on the value by shareholders, which, however, return to the load on the value to for new maximum horizons. Hence the rise in the last five sessions of 5.11%, which reached 28.4% in the month. In the quarter, the upward trend is 45.7% while so far this year Nvidia advances 143%.

And even though some experts consider the value overvalued with its current price, There are those who continue to trust the route in the stock market. It is the case of Bank of America that raises the price target of the security to $ 375 from the previous 340. They see Nvidia as having a unique combination of silicon, software, scale, and also systems that is highly usable. In this way, they indicate from the entity, it will continue to be at the forefront of some of the largest and fastest growing technology markets.

Since Craig Hallum also suffered his PO from 220 to 350 dollars, with purchase advice on Nvidia shares. In his case, however, he found the path to be limited despite the fact that nothing seems to be holding the company back when it comes to its data center.

In Susquehanna they also bet on buying the stock, precisely because of the data center that it expects to be the nerve center of the company, with even greater growth in the fourth quarter of the year And from TipRanks we see that of the 24 analysts that follow the value, 22 choose to buy and two to keep. Its average target price reaches 359.09 euros per share, with an upward path of 13.11%.

The Investment Strategies premium indicators give an idea of ​​how Nvidia is moving, with renewed forces, in the market: 10 points out of 10 possible for value, the best grade. With an upward trend in the medium and long term, total moment, both slow and fast, positive for the value, increasing business volume in both aspects to which to add decreasing volatility, in the medium and long term also for Nvidia.

On the negative side they are placed the growing problems with the purchase of the British ARM of which we have already spoken on numerous occasions. Is now the United States Federal Trade Commission who is reviewing the operation of 40,000 in that acquisition with many complications related to the operation.

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