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Nyong’o: ‘A Quiet Place’ Helped Me Cope with Boseman’s Death

“I had just experienced not too many years ago the death of Chadwick Boseman, which shook me to my core,” Nyong’o told People. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

Nearly four years ago, actor Chadwick Boseman tragically passed away at 43 years old due to cancer. His untimely death left a hole in the hearts of his loved ones, fans and peers, including Lupita Nyong’o. The two starred alongside each other in Marvel’s Black Panther six years ago and expected to return together for a second film in 2022. Instead, the cast worked tirelessly to deliver a film that would honor the legacy of Boseman and carry the story of the Black Panther into a new light. While the film was a success, Nyong’o and others still had work to do as they coped with the loss of a man they knew as friend off screen. Thankfully, Nyong’o was able to find some healing in her latest role — A Quiet Place: Day One’s Sam.

Nyong’o’s Sam leads the A Quiet Place prelude alongside Eric, played by Joseph Quinn. Nyong’o’s character suffers from a rare form of cancer and wants to fulfill one more wish of hers as the world succumbs to intergalactic carnivorous monsters. While she hoped to do it alone, Quinn’s Eric joins her despite having the option to leave her behind. Together, they form a family-like bond. The story is emotionally captivating and Nyong’o found it to be “therapeutic.”

“In the end, it was actually very therapeutic because I had just experienced not too many years ago the death of Chadwick Boseman, which shook me to my core,” Nyong’o told People.

“I definitely was thinking about that a lot.”

Ultimately, Nyong’o’s commitment to the role and experience paid off. The film generated $53 million in its first three days of release and recently crossed the $100 million box office mark worldwide. Two weeks removed from its release, A Quiet Place: Day One is the most commercially successful film in the three-part saga.

“But it’s Nyong’o who carries this film on her strong shoulders,” Kristy Puchko of Mashable wrote.

“While Quinn’s eyes quiver with tears, his lips agape in horror, Sarnoski leans hard on Nyong’o’s sublime profile and dark, soulful eyes to communicate fear and hope, giving depth.”

Source: People, Mashable