OAS Assembly in Lima will analyze actions for food security in the region: Peruvian Foreign Minister

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The General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) will analyze next week in Lima actions for food security in the region threatened by the war in Ukraine, and how to strengthen health systems deteriorated by the pandemic, the Peruvian foreign minister said on Friday.

César Landa, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, stated that so far 24 American foreign ministers have confirmed their participation, including US Secretary of State Antonhy Blinken, who will also tour Colombia and Chile in search of strengthening ties with the region. .

The foreign minister said that the meeting, which will take place between October 5 and 7, will conclude with three statements referring to food security in the face of fertilizer shortages, reinforcing post-pandemic health policies and establishing mechanisms to combat inequality. and discrimination.

“Lima will be the capital where issues of the fight for equality and against discrimination will be observed, not only inter-American, but international because the scourges are common,” Landa said in an interview with Reuters in his office.

Landa affirmed that the assembly will also discuss issues such as governability, at a time when the region is going through a wave of social and political conflicts, with new governments and new political currents elected in democracy.

“Governance is not only political, it is also social and economic,” said the diplomat.

The political map in the region changed in the last year with the election of left-wing leaders such as in Peru with Pedro Castillo, in Chile with Gabriel Boric and in Colombia with Gustavo Petro. And in Brazil, according to polls, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva could win.

Landa stated that for the Lima meeting “the Brazilian foreign minister excused himself, we understand the electoral process.”

The Peruvian foreign minister highlighted the participation of Secretary of State Blinken in the OAS assembly, at a time when a relationship with a “social approach” is sought, in addition to strengthening the fight against corruption and drug trafficking.

Landa said that currently Peru has been in talks for months with Washington for technical support in the identification of small planes in search of “taking action to prevent the flow of these flights where drugs are transported.”

But he specified that the cooperation and interdiction system that works with the United States “does not have lethal effects.” Peru and Colombia are the producers of cocaine in the world.

Landa said that for Peru and the United States, democratic governance “is a shared value because we come together in a principle of legitimacy at the polls, with transparent and fair elections in which both the Executive and Parliament have been elected for a term of five years”.

Peru lives in a constant confrontation between the Government and the Congress dominated by the right-wing opposition, which has tried twice without success to remove President Castillo, who faces several investigations of alleged corruption.

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