Obsidian wants to release a game every year starting in 2022

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Jez Corden, editor-in-chief of Windows Central and who accessed last week an exclusive preview of Avowed, one of the new and long-awaited projects of Obsidian Entertainment, has dropped some more details about your studio visit. Specifically, details about a chat with the developer about her future and the games on the way. According to Corden statements, “Obsidian wants to release a new game every year for the next seven years“.

Despite how ambitious and optimistic this roadmap seems, it is not the first time it has been mentioned, since at the end of last year they emerged various rumors who believed that Obsidian (and its, remember, more than 200 employees) is working on 6 different games. Corden believes that the first would be the final version of Grounded (2022), Avowed (2023) and The Outer Worlds 2 (2024), and that the project should not be too far away already confirmed Josh Sawyer, one of the company’s top directors. Of course, Corden also clarifies that they would be games of different sizes and that some would come out more humble and experimental, with work groups behind only 10-15 people, in line with what happened with Grounded.

Avowed first details

Jez Corden’s visit to the studio also revealed last week the first details of Avowed, one of his most anticipated releases. A game that seems called to be “the Skyrim of Obsidian”. It will be an RPG with large doses of exploration and where the narrative will play a very important role. Set in Eora, the world of Pillars of Eternity, it will feature the most colorful visuals and will offer multiple classes, destructible environments and a combat system similar to that of the saga. The Elder Scrolls. It is one of the first stops of that bright future that seems to be opening before Obsidian.

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