Octavio Ocaña: why his family changed lawyers in the middle of the investigation of his death

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On October 29, the actor Octavio Ocana passed away in circumstances that continue to be investigated. More than a month after his alleged murder, the family of the popular ‘Benito Rivers‘announced that he will change his legal defense, causing surprise among the public that follows the artist’s case.

As recalled, the report provided by the authorities stated that Ocaña’s death was due to the fact that he himself had shot himself with his own weapon, this during the persecution in which he was involved for allegedly ignoring the ‘stop’ that the police made him police and, conversely, accelerate the vehicle.

The actor’s family has repeatedly said that they will not be calm until clarifying what happened the night of the October 29thThey consider that those responsible for Octavio’s death are the elements of the Police who were present on the day of the accident.

The journalist Addis Tuñón, from the program “First hand”, revealed that the Pérez Ocaña family had chosen the lawyer Francisco Hernandez to take the case of the actor, instead of the legal team with which they had been working:

“Indeed, yes, it is confirmed, Mr. Octavio Pérez Ocaña and his family decided to change lawyers. According to the information that we can give you up to now, the lawyer who will handle this case is called Francisco Hernández ”.

The main reason behind the lawyer change is that Hernández is a humanist lawyer, specialist in human rights issues, which is why he is expected to take the case with a humanitarian approach. The journalist also mentioned that “It will be the same experts who will continue to handle this case.”

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On the other hand, the presenter Gustavo Adolfo Infante mentioned that another important reason behind the lawyer change would be “Because something did not fit or something was not as they wanted, that is, the lawyers did not work as the family wanted.”

Likewise, the presenter of “First hand”, Mónica Noguera, pointed out that a decisive factor for the family was the expense represented by the legal team, since they are the ones who pay for all the payments:

“He is running all the expenses, there were two lawyers in addition to the expert and there is a lot that has to be paid for this investigation with the Prosecutor’s Office.”

Francisco Hernández, the new lawyer, “It does not profit from the people it represents because they are victims of human rights, that is a relief”, he pointed Tuñón.

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