Oculus Quest 2 doubles its capacity on the base model to 128GB; confirmed date

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Oculus Quest 2 doubles its capacity on the base model to 128GB;  confirmed date

Oculus Quest 2 replaces the basic 64GB model with one that doubles its capacity. From August 24th Only two versions of the second generation of Quest will be marketed: 128GB and 256GB. Doubling the base storage will not lead to any increase in the price, as Facebook has confirmed that it will maintain the usual 349 euros of entry.

We must remember that the models sold since August 24 will include the new silicone cover, given the problems the company has encountered in recent months. If you already have a virtual reality device, we will tell you how to request the cover through this link.

Seven reasons to jump

During the month of April we told you about the benefits around Oculus Quest 2, especially to its direct competition, the Rift S model. Although the two have great differences in their nature (especially because of the autonomy of the first ones), the versatility of Quest 2 makes the balance tip towards its side.

“Another reason that makes the Quest 2 attractive compared to its competitors is that through a third-party app called Virtual Desktop or natively in the next update, already confirmed by Oculus, we will be able to stream the most powerful games in the catalog. VR ”, we said in our article. “How does this work? Very easy. We download the aforementioned application and start Half-Life: Alyx. We connect the glasses with the app and stand near a 5ghz wifi, which can be in the living room. The game will be reproduced with surprising fidelity, and if we use a good wifi line, the latency will move in the 20ms or less, totally feasible to play ”.

If you don’t have enough bandwidth but you do have the right equipment, connect a cable USB-C to your PC and you can use your Steam library.

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