Oculus Quest 2 to remove Facebook login soon

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Facebook recently announced the change of the brand’s name, which will be renamed Meta. The strategic move will have effects on several fronts, and one of them has attracted attention among players who are not comfortable having to link their accounts on social networks with other services: it is Oculus Quest 2, the virtual reality device which currently —and since his arrival— requires logging into Mark Zuckerberg’s famous social network to function. Well, according to the words of the founder of the company himself, They are already at work to make this process more flexible for next year.

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Resident Evil 4, the jewel of Oculus Quest 2

If there is a game that could not miss its appointment with the premiere of a new device, that was the fireproof Resident Evil 4. At MeriStation we have enjoyed this version and it has pleasantly surprised us; in our analysis (8.7 out of 10), we said that “it is capable of making us rediscover a classic that we know by heart, which can even make us lazy to resume for the umpteenth time, and catch us as if it were our first game. Combat is dynamic, versatile, perfectly designed for VR and with the virtue of maintaining the tension of the great moments that the original game had ”, and that“ 16 years later, it becomes one of the great experiences of 2021 ”.

GTA San Andreas VR, another weighty exclusive

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is not only news for the remastering included in the future GTA Trilogy, but for the announcement of a version for virtual reality that will arrive exclusively for Oculus Quest 2. The game is currently in development and its release date is not yet known.

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