Off for iOS 14? Confusion about missing security updates

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Apple’s unusual two-pronged update strategy for iOS seems to be history again: In iOS 14.8, the update to iOS 14.8.1 is no longer offered, but only iOS 15.2, as users report.

With iOS 15.2 in December, Apple fixed serious vulnerabilities that, among other things, allow iPhones to be taken over completely simply by calling up manipulated web content. No patches have been submitted for iOS 14 to date.

With iOS 15, Apple gave users the choice of staying on the previous version or continuing to receive “important security updates”. This has so far been noted unchanged on Apple’s product pages. A request from Mac & I to Apple about the update plans of the group remained unanswered.

iOS 15 was not initially automatically downloaded and offered for installation on iOS 14 devices. It is a departure from the strategy of previous years of ensuring rapid updates for as wide a user base as possible. In iOS 14, you had to manually trigger the major update to iOS 15 via the software update, where it was only inconspicuously listed at the bottom of the update function.

Hardware is not sawed off when upgrading to iOS 15: The new version runs on all iPhones and iPads that support iOS 14. iOS 15 hardly brings any disadvantageous innovations, so many users seem to have only stayed on iOS 14 because the operating system has not yet clearly offered them the upgrade. The ambiguity over Apple’s planned introduction of a much-criticized abuse material photo verification feature may also have prompted hesitation.

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Apples recent numbers According to the report, almost a third of iPhone users are still using iOS 14, so the spread of the latest iOS version at 63 percent of active devices is significantly lower than previous versions of the operating system at the same time. According to the figures, only almost half of the active iPads are running iPadOS 15.


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