Tiktok Officer Kingery Sexual Abuse Scandal Explained, Check Dancing Video

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Everyone can use web-based media like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, as official Kingery from Lawrence, Indiana, shows in his post. Since 2018, this US police officer has been working at the Lawrence Police Office in Lawrence, Ma. Online media has helped him gain a fair number of fans.

We did get to honour the people who fight for our lives, and Kingery has been doing this for a long time. A long time ago, Instagram and TikTok were used to praise official Kingery as a public figure. But in 2020, his Instagram page and TikTok account are gone. On the other hand, you can find him on Twitter, which is his new record. Find out about this US cop from Lawrence, Mama, that not everyone knows.

Officer Charlie Kingery Assault: Is He Arrested?

A former Fishers police officer is no longer being charged with a crime after being arrested in Greenwood last year. Prosecutor Brad Cooper said that the Johnson Government Prosecutor’s Office dropped a charge of violence against Fishers resident Charles Kingery, 28 after the alleged victim begged the county not to go forward with the case.

In October, Kingery was taken into custody in downtown Greenwood after a fight broke out at a Main Street reception hall. A man with a bloody face lying on the ground by police. Officers heard that Kingery’s wife said she and her husband had been drinking and fighting.

Tiktok Officer Kingery Sexual Abuse Scandal Explained, Check Dancing Video

The man who got punched told the police that he had seen the two fighting outside and felt compelled to step in before things got worse. Criminal records show that he went to a nearby emergency room, where he was treated for a broken nose.

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The prosecutor’s office charged Kingery with one count of battery, a non-felony crime. The Fishers Police Department’s public relations officer, Sgt. Tom Weger said that Kingery quit his job as a police officer soon after that. Wagers says that Kingery quit before the chief could decide if he should be punished or not. Last month, Kingery’s charges were dropped by the prosecutor’s office.

The Reality Of Official Kingery

  • Kingery is an American who has been working in the US police force from Lawrence, Indiana, for a long time. Official Kingery started working for the Lawrence Police Office in May 2018 and is doing well there.
  • On May 6, 2018, he became a full-time member of the Lawrence Police Office. He works with Stu Priest, a police officer in Lawrence.
  • Kingery used to get a lot of attention for his online media work before he became a police officer in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He was fun to follow on social media like Instagram and TikTok.
  • Two of his Instagram and TikTok pages are gone in 2020. Whatever the case, you can find him on Twitter. His Twitter handle, @ckingery lpd, is full of energy.
  • In July 2020, he sent out his new Twitter account. His new Twitter page has 7k devotees.
  • Charlie Kingery is his full name. He is a public figure in the United States and lives in Lawrence, Indiana.
  • Charlie Kingery’s exact age and birthday are not known to the public. At this point, he seemed about 40 years old.
  • He doesn’t have a Wiki page, so people don’t know much about his marriage, partner, or kids.
  • In the US, it costs an average of $54,616 per year to hire a cop. Official Kingery has been in charge of the police since 2018. He might have made a good amount of money by 2020.
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TikTok Controversy Debunked

Fans who knew Officer Kingri’s TikTok videos were suspicious when he suddenly left after claims were made against his friend. After unproven claims that his friend had been attacked many times in public, the 32-year-old officer made several rounds. His band, Content Violation, also called The Ride Along with Crew, is popular right now, along with a popular TikTok trend.

First, his friend Jimmy Jones posted a video on his TikTok account that disproved rumours and answered false accusations. Brianna, Jimmy’s girlfriend, wanted to have children, but she couldn’t. This made their relationship more complicated.

He even admitted that he had been bad around her. Even though he admitted to cheating on his wife with another woman, Jimmy didn’t believe he physically hurt Georgia Landscaper’s wife.

Tiktok Officer Kingery Sexual Abuse Scandal Explained, Check Dancing Video

When TikTok users noticed that the official’s account wasn’t working, the TikTok controversy grew even bigger. Also, his Instagram account was turned off. His TikTok profile had over 38.7 million likes, but now when you try to watch him on the app, it says, “This account could not be found.” Since he hasn’t been on TikTok, there have been accusations of sexual assault against him on the internet.

Shortly before he deleted his official TikTok account, he seemed to have posted a response video saying the charges against him were false. TikTok star officer Kingery says he has never attacked, harassed, or hurt anyone in his life.

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