Okami will honor Monster Hunter Rise with the presence of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu

Capcom has revealed what will be the second great collaboration of Monster Hunter Rise. And the truth is that Okami fans will be really delighted. Basically the Sun Goddess Amaterasu addresses Kamura to restore the balance of nature.

And that means we can enjoy a set of armor for your Palamute that transforms him into Amaterasu (with an accompanying Issun). On the other hand, the Japanese company has revealed that the update will be published on July 30, 2021. You can watch the announcement trailer below.

How can you see in the video, beyond changing the general appearance of each player’s Palamute, the armor will also give us some special effects, how to leave a flower trail and the possibility of seeing how the grass sprouts wherever Amaterasu passes.

As if that were not enough, together with your Reflector of Divine Retribution, Amaterasu can also wield the Tsumugari Glaive in battle. In addition, the player can also have a Celestial Brush, which could be a new weapon for some kind of specific event. Although there is nothing confirmed about it at the moment.

In other Monster Hunter Rise news, We remind you that the title has been a success on Nintendo Switch (and has yet to reach PC). And to celebrate that it had already sold 7 million copies worldwide, Capcom gave away a pack. If you have not done so yet, we also recommend that you read the analysis that we dedicated to the game in its day. Of him we said that “it might be a bit overwhelming for newcomers and lacking depth in some respects for the more veteran, but get the most out of the Nintendo Switch. “.

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