Okupas: the song that Santiago Motorizado and Vicentico made for the remastered version of the series

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A little over a month ago, an Argentine series reached Netflix to quickly become a trend. Is about Occupy, that television program that had its premiere in the year 2000, the exact moment when the country was going through a economic crisis which even culminated in the resignation of President Fernando de la Rúa. By then, Bruno Stagnaro -who was only 27 years old- created this fiction that exposes marginality and violence of the time.

With only 11 episodes, Occupy managed to establish itself as one of the most remembered in the history of Argentina. Rodrigo de la Serna, Diego Alonso, Ariel Staltari and Franco Tirri They were responsible for giving life to the four friends who have a large house as a meeting point in which all their experiences take place, marked by this context of social decline.

And although it has been a long time since its premiere, today it seems to be more relevant than ever. This year, the streaming giant remasterizó its chapters and made them available on the platform worldwide. But it was not so easy: after so many years things had already changed and all songs that were included in the scenes, could no longer be part of Occupy by Copyright Law.

Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix y The Beatles were some of the artists who adorned the sequences of Stagnaro’s fiction with their music. And being able to pay for the authorship of the songs turned out to be an expense that exceeded the figures that the production could afford. But that was not an impediment and the scriptwriter summoned Santiago Barrionuevo, leader of He Killed a Motorized Police, to be responsible for the new songs.

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The Argentine artist, who called himself a great follower of the series, carried out 30 pieces that allow you to keep the original music. One of them will have its official launch on September, 10th. His name is Fool heart and its author has already started promoting it on their social networks. “This Friday the cumbia that I composed for Okupas and I sang with Vincentian”, He communicated to his followers. And he advanced a fragment of the lyrics: “Tonto heart, she didn’t love you it was just an illusion”.

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