Older Surfer Punches Teen in the Face for Stealing Wave

Australia’s Gold Coast is known for its beaches and surf spots. One of the best-known and most famous in the world is Snapper Rocks, which has been talked about on multiple occasions in As Acción. For example, in March of this same year, in a dream session in this wave factory that left beautiful images of surfing. One after another. What a paradise.

It has also been in the news for other things. And it is that the area has, among other things, sharks. Thus, recently a surfer who had a camera on his surfboard went viral and when “an unknown being” appeared to him (most users bet on a shark) he had a reaction of fear that ran like wildfire through social networks.

It was even news for the fight of a whole surfing world champion -Joel Parkinson- with some youtubers who were destroying a hill with mud to touch from the beach. They came to the hands. This time, I change third again, but also to talk about a fight but in the water. Because populated and crowded peaks have this drawback: there is always some kind of problem between surfers who do not respect the unwritten rules of this sport.

This time it is a child who breaks into the wave that should be a surfer’s for its better placement on the peak. They end up crashing, wallowing in the water and passing accounts once the wave has passed. More specifically, the surfer punches the child, who was bodyboarding. After a while, therefore, another surfer appears to reproach the attitude of the aggressor with more handshakes.

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Just as in the video a woman is heard shouting “leave him, it’s a child”, most comments on social networks criticize the attitude of the surfer, this being the one that has the most likes: “Punching a child in the face because he steals a wave of a meter is as shabby as embarrassing, at least”. Kelly Slater, 11-time surfing world champion, has also said hers, though without getting very wet and saying that “there’s a lot to talk about.” The police, by the way, have no notification of the incident.

That the bodyboarder makes a mistake or breaks the rules is obvious. That the way to fix it is not violence as well. And it was obviously not the last wave in the world. Respect in the beak. In every way.

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