Olena Zelenska responds to criticism against her for a photo shoot for Vogue

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Olena Zelenska has responded to criticism against her for starring in a recent photo shoot for the famous Vogue magazine.

The first lady of Ukraine and her husband, the president of that country, Volodymyr Zelensky, will appear on the cover of the October issue of the magazine, however, some images taken by the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz have already circulated on social networks.

To clarify the situation, Zelenska told the BBC that millions of people read Vogue, so it was her duty to address them directly. “And it was an interesting experience. In normal life I am not used to attention. Now everyone is fighting on the front line and it’s a job and I have to do that job too.”

The first lady also said Ukraine has been “constantly under pressure” since Feb. 24, when the first Russian troops set foot in her country.

“Since February 24 we are under constant pressure that does not relent. We need help from experts and that’s why we go to WHO for psychological support,” Olena said.

A few weeks ago, the Ukrainian president’s wife traveled to Washington to ask Joe Biden for more military aid.

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