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Oliver Shane, the son of Taylor Hawkins, pays tribute to his late father

Taylor Hawkins’ legacy lives on, even after her sudden death at age 50 in March of this year. His 16-year-old son, Oliver Shane, joined a local Laguna Beach band called The Alive, to play drums during the performance of the song ‘My Hero’, at a party on July 4.

The rock group made up mostly of teenagers like Oliver, wanted to pay a heartfelt tribute to the drummer of the Foo Fighters with the song that was published by the band originally from Seattle on the album ‘The Colour And The Shape’, of 1997.

Oliver, who also goes by the name Shane, shared a short clip of the moment on his Instagram profile, no doubt making his father feel very proud.

For their part, The Alive wrote a message in the post, thanking the Laguna Beach community for supporting them and the police for not censoring them.

The rock band has a special connection with Foo Fighters, as they opened their concert at Lollapalooza Chile just a week before Taylor’s death, according to Variety.

Taylor was found dead in his room at the Four Seasons hotel in Colombia on March 25, after an emergency call in which it was reported that the drummer suffered from chest pains.

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