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Olivia Culpo's New Mother-In-Law Goes Viral with Contagious Dance Moves

Olivia Culpo’s New Mother-In-Law Goes Viral with Contagious Dance Moves

Olivia Culpo’s lavish wedding is making headlines again—but this time, it isn’t the beautiful bride who is getting the attention.

The former Miss Universe said “I do” to San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey on June 29th. Her gorgeous dress, a-list guest list, and romantic ceremony have been in the spotlight in the days that have followed.

However, Olivia Culpo’s most recent wedding highlight is her mother-in-law, Lisa McCaffrey. Olivia captured a video of her tearing up the dance floor with NFLer Luke Kuechly and posted it on TikTok. Her followers are loving it.

In the clip, Lisa is dancing to the staple wedding song, September, by Earth, Wind & Fire. She starts off by twirling with Luke and then takes over with a solo.

Lisa breaks it down in her sparkling black cocktail dress and tennis shoes, and the crowd cheers her along through the rest of the song.

“Go Mother In Law!!!” Olivia Culpo wrote.

Olivia Culpo’s fans can’t get enough of her mother-in-law.

Olivia noted that she hadn’t noticed the video until now. And she was excited to share it with her friends and followers.

“How does she have all the energy that she does?!” a commenter asked. “What’s her secret?”

“This makes me so happy and full of smiles,” someone shared. “What a happy and beautiful woman…her energy is so pure and good girl you’ve won the MIL jackpot Lisa is a gem I can tell… just fun AF.”

“That’s the dance of a MIL who is celebrating her son making the best decision of his life!” a follower wrote.

“I love everything I see with this beautiful lady in it,” admitted a fan. “She is the MVP of all the fun!”

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