Olympic Torch: history, how is the lighting, relay in Tokyo and curiosities

Olympic Torch: history, how is the lighting, relay in Tokyo and curiosities

The Tokyo Olympics begin this Friday, July 23. but the uncertainty continues to fly over the event. The International Olympic Committee does not rule out having to suspend the Olympic appointment again due to the rise in coronavirus cases. This will make the well-known Olympic torch continue without reaching the Japanese capital.

The Olympic torch is undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of this worldwide sports competition. Since the Greek Olympics, germ of these modern Olympic Games, this tradition was already maintained, which is very divine.

Origin of the Olympic torch

Fire is one of the classic elements that we have in nature. In Ancient Greece, fire had a very strong meaning, and it became a tradition to carry this almost sacred fire to commemorate the beginning of a new Olympics.

It was Prometheus who stole this fire in mythology to give it back to men. Therefore, that divine character continues to this day.

1928, the new Olympic fire

As we say, the Greeks already used the Olympic torch as part of the Olympics that were held in the city of Olympia. In 1928, after a few years of testing and new rules, and the establishment at the beginning of the century of the new Olympic Games, the torch re-emerged as a symbol of competition.

It was nine years after the first modern Olympic Games.

The real revolution came in Berlin 1936 when it was proposed to take a tour during the months before the appointment, with an Olympic torch bearer passing through different venues and countries.

From here, the route, although it has been changed on occasion for various reasons, is always the same. The Olympic torch is lit in Greece and from there it travels the whole world to go through relays through different countries until it reaches the official headquarters of each year.

Who will take over from Tokyo?

The Olympic torch will arrive in the Japanese capital on July 23, after passing through different prefectures of the country, with a tour that is being carried out behind closed doors.

Once the torch reaches Tokyo, the games will be lit and a new countdown will begin for the arrival of Paris 2024.

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