On Friday, Pusha T Will Release His New Album, ‘It’s Almost Dry’

Check out the new album released by Pusha T

Pusha T announced the release of his fourth studio album, ‘It’s Almost Dry,’ on Friday (April 22). The rapper announced the album’s title earlier this month and a US tour in support of the record, which will kick up in May — tickets are available here.

The album contains the single ‘Neck & Wrist,’ which was just published and featured Jay-Z. The record was produced by Pharrell Williams and followed the release of Kanye West and 88-Keys’ ‘Diet Coke’ in February.

Pusha T’s most recent album, ‘Daytona,’ garnered him a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Since then, the rapper has released many stand-alone tracks, including ‘No Problem,’ ‘Sociopath,’ ‘Coming Home,’ and ‘Puppets,’ all feature Kash Doll.

Pusha T releases McDonald's diss track over alleged failure to pay for  jingle | Rap | The Guardian

He also worked on ‘Dancing With the Devil with Babyface Ray, ‘Jungle Mantra with Divine and Vince Staples, and ‘Misfit Toys with Mako last year. He collaborated with Black Thought on the tune “Good Morning” in 2020.

Earlier this month, Pusha T released ‘Spicy Fish Diss Track,’ a song aimed against McDonald’s, collaborating with rival US fast-food company Arby’s. “All I’ll say is this: The album of the motherfucking year is coming,” Pusha T stated of the upcoming record to Complex earlier this year. It takes a long time for a Pusha T album to be completed. This crap takes a long time to put together, but there’s nothing wrong with it once it does. That’s something we’re putting on everything. It makes no difference to me what they say or how they behave. None of it matters to me, regardless of how popular they become. Nothing messes with it.”

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“Man, I’m on some one-hundred per cent rap superhero crap.” There is a great deal going on.”

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