On My Block Season 5 Canceled?

What are your teenage years if not about friendship

Teenage shows have always been on the watch-list of many people, especially the youth, who see themselves in these characters. Teenage friendships are about having a carefree life, participating in many adventures, and always finding solace in each other. The friendship stays and also gives many valuable lessons about life. The show On My Block on Netflix highlights teenage friendship at the best. 

With four successful seasons, On My Block has made a special place in the hearts of its audience. The viewers loved every character, story, and adventure of the High School friends. So when Netflix announced that there wouldn’t be another season of the show, it broke their heart.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to On My Block

Who had thought that the viewers will have to say goodbye to their favorite show? On My Block season 4 was the final season of the series. 

After getting immensely popular as a teen comedy-drama and receiving accolades from fans worldwide, the show comes to an end. If you have seen the Netflix Official video where the cast says goodbye to their fans, you will realize that the story is over! 

The first season of this series debuted on the OTT platform back in July 2018. It has been one of the top ten teen series on Netflix ever since. The roller coaster of teenage life, the drama, fun, and adventures were loved by the audience. Even the makers did not expect the show would receive such a heart-warming reception from them. 

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The way the fourth season ended did not confuse the audience about having the next season of the show. No news of the upcoming season has surfaced in the media. 

Talking about how the fourth season ended, the makers gave it a happy ending with all characters coming together for the celebration. 

Why is the Fifth Season Canceled? 

All four seasons of On My Block were nothing less than a joyride. The show ended with the promise to not return. The finale of season four gave all the answers, and nothing was left to be explored. As there was no cliffhanger, the show is not expected to return. 

As the season finale got its happy ending, it may be one of the reasons why the makers canceled the fifth season. The confirmation of not shooting the next season also came in the form of social media posts by the show. It was sad to see when the show bid adieu on all its social media handles, making some of its fans teary-eyed. 

The News Upset the Fans 

When your favorite show comes to an end, it breaks your heart. 

The same thing happened when On My Block ended. The news was upsetting because the audience did not want to lose the nostalgic touch of relatable friendships that the show gave them. According to many viewers, On My Block is one of the most feel-good shows that takes them down the memory lane of their High School Life. 

The show became such a big hit among the fans that it gathered a crazy IMDB rating of 8/10 after the first season. The makers really set the bar high.

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People Behind the Show 

This American adolescent comedy-drama series was created by Lauren Iungreich, Jeremy Haft, and Eddie Gonzalez. It features Jason Genao, Diego Tinco, Brett Gray, and Marie Garcia as the main characters. As the show furthers to upcoming seasons, you will witness variety in its cast, plots, and performances.

All the seasons of the show can be streamed on Netflix. 

There’s Some Good News 

You do not have to be disappointed for not seeing your favorite characters on the show anymore. Before launching the fourth season of On My Block, Netflix ordered a spin-off show based on the original series. 

Yes, you heard it right! 

The show will be called Freeridge and is named after the fictional town where the entire story of On My Block revolves. The announcement of Freeridge itself has made the audience jump with joy, and they have high expectations already. 

What to Expect from the Spin-Off? 

It is presumed that the new show will be more female-centric. The makers are already filming the series. 

The teen series will be about a new core four who live in the same town. Like the previous seasons, they will find themselves in trouble this time as well. However, the difference is that their trouble involves a deadly curse instead of gangs. 

We cannot say if the gangs play a huge part in the spinoff of On My Block, but we expect them to appear as gang activity has already been prevalent in the town. After all, there is no Freeridge without gangs. 

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The makers announced their plan of creating a Spin-Off last year. Thus, there is some possibility you will catch a glimpse of it this year. Although we are already six months away from the next year, let us expect to hear a word about the spin-off pretty soon. 

Will the Spin-off Have the Same Cast? 

The makers have not revealed an official cast of the show as yet. It would be difficult to say whether or not the same characters will appear in the spin-off. We can only keep our fingers crossed.


  • On My Block is the product of the Spanish Industry, and guess what! The makers set the bar high. 
  • The main cast in the series has freshmen in High School. But do you know the actors portraying them are not in High School? They are either in their late teens or early twenties. 
  • In the show, we see Monse as an Afro-Latino. The actress, Sierra Capri, who plays the role, is just African-American. 
  • Ronni Hawk plays Latina in the series, but in real life, she doesn’t have any connection with Latin or Hispanic culture. Her ancestry is English, German, and Italian. 

If you haven’t still watched On My Block, it’s about time! 

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