On one condition, Cristina Kirchner agreed with Alberto Fernández not to interfere in negotiations with the IMF

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On Friday there was strong criticism of the vice president Cristina Kirchner to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the event for Democracy Day. TN He had anticipated that a harsh speech from Cristina Kirchner to the IMF was expected at the event.

Despite the tough position of the vice president towards the multilateral credit organization, the head of the Senate is also will allow the agreement with the IMF to be closed, in the middle of negotiations to reschedule debt payments for US$45.000 millones.

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Cristina Kirchner also reserves the right to re-target the IMF in the event that an agreement is reached and that implies a strong adjustment in expenses. In that case the vice president will go out to raise the accusing finger against the president Alberto Fernandez and the Minister of Economy Martin Guzman.

The vice president wants keep an epic tale against the multilateral organization, concerned about it and its political capital, to conform to the hard core of its voters, which is the majority in the Frente de Todos.

The reappearance of Cristina Kirchner generated a collapse in the markets

The reappearance of Cristina Kirchner caused fear and a crash in the markets, Since on Monday Argentine securities abroad fell 8%, both in government bonds and in shares of national companies that are listed abroad.

The harshest phrases of Cristina Kirchner against the IMF in the act for the Day of Democracy

During the act of Friday for the Day of Democracy the vice president carried out an attack against the IMF:

  • “The IMF lived by conditioning Argentine democracy, but let’s tell the Fund that help us to recover the billions of dollars that fled abroad ”.
  • “The government that the Fund did not let go of was the one that came after us. To that they put all the tarasca: 57 billion dollars so that he could win the election. It is time for all Argentines to wake up: Who does the Fund put the twine on, and what do they put it for ”.
  • “The truth is that those of the Centennial Party should wake up a bit because the two presidents they had were overthrown by the IMF ”.
  • “President, call on all parties with parliamentary representation to tell the IMF that no plan will be approved other than the one that allows this economic recovery and that the economic recovery can continue ”.
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