On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a campaign seeks to raise awareness

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The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women It is commemorated every November 25 to denounce violence against women throughout the world and demand policies for its eradication.

The call was initiated by the Latin American feminist movement in 1981, in commemoration of the date on which the three Mirabal sisters (Patria, Minerva and María Teresa) were assassinated in the Dominican Republic.

On the occasion of this date, many organizations and companies join the slogan launched their own messages and communication campaigns.

This is the case of the energy company YPF, which devised a communication campaign with the aim of raising awareness about gender violence, calling for action to eradicate it, and reinforcing the dissemination of line 144.

Through the intervention of the brand’s historic logo, the company extends a clear message: if one is missing it hurts us all, eradicating gender violence is a collective responsibility.

Concrete actions against violence against women

This message is also accompanied by concrete actions within the company. In addition to the ongoing awareness-raising work on the issue, a Subcommittee on Domestic Violence was formed and a specific protocol was created to address internal cases, a commitment to the more than 4,000 women who work at YPF.

In this process, a internal channel so that workers throughout the country can communicate if they are going through a situation of violence, or in case they suspect that someone on their team is experiencing it.

Through this contact, support and advice is provided, and some alternatives such as license, the possibility of changing jobs and a personal loan, among others, are also contemplated. This initiative includes a comprehensive approach and is supported by the health and emotional well-being service.

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“We operate in every corner of the country and we reach more than a million customers per day through our network of service stations. For this reason, we believe that collaborating in the eradication of gender-based violence is not only a commitment to the women of YPF, it can also generate a positive impact on all those companies and people with whom we interact ”, she stated Sergio Affronti, CEO of YPF.

In addition, to reach the people who pass daily through YPF service stations throughout the country, the dissemination of the Line 144, based on an agreement with the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity.

Other joint activities were also carried out, such as the training of station personnel in hotspots for trafficking in persons.

“Gender violence is a critical issue in our society and YPF’s role is key due to its impact throughout the country. Being able to accompany the women of our company who go through these situations in their homes is a great responsibility. It is essential that they feel comfortable to seek help without fear of further victimization, “he concluded. Paola Argento, Diversity Leader at YPF.

Initiatives like these seek to reinforce the commitment to eradicate gender-based violence and promote equal opportunities.

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