On the way to college: this is what Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’s daughter looks like at 18

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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones They met at a time when age difference still seemed an impediment to celebrate love. At the end of 1998, the protagonist of Faltal attraction She was 54 while the British actress was 29. It was Danny De Vito who presented them in the Festival de Cine de Deauville from France and the love affair was immediate. He had just separated from his wife Diandra Luker, the mother of his only child so far, and she was a rising Hollywood star.

Despite the talk of the 25-year age difference, Douglas and Zeta-Jones soon tied the knot in a grand New York City wedding, one of the most expensive at the turn of the millennium. As if that weren’t enough, in August 2000 they welcomed their first child together, Dylan, and three years later to Carys.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas (Photo: Getty)

Despite the glamor and sensuality that both characterize them, both actors had to face different health difficulties. While Michael Douglas She had to fight with a cancer of the tongue, Catherine fell into a severe crisis and subsequent depression. Although they were separated for a while, in 2013, after a few months they reconciled and today they continue to be one of the most stable and pampered couples in all of Hollywood.

The youngest daughter of Catherine Zeta- Jones and Michael Douglas will go to college

On the way to college: this is what Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’s daughter looks like at 18

Photo: Catherine Zeta-Jones and her daughter, Carys.

Meanwhile, her teenagers have also flirted with fame. Especially Carys, who is 18 years old today. The young woman has posed with her mother in different magazines and has even accompanied her to multiple events and festivals. But while she seemed to be shaping herself for a modeling career, now she has preferred to start her academic studies.

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It was, a few months ago, that Catherine shared on her Instagram account a photograph in which she showed her fans the happiness of the family by attending Carys’ school graduation. As it was in a pandemic, it was done outdoors, but that did not prevent the accompaniment of all of them. In fact, the actress said in the message that she was “proud” of the young woman for graduating with honors. Also pictured is Dylan, 21, who has a lower profile.

Apparently, Carys will study political history like his brother, although according to his mother’s own words, he does not rule out acting in the future. Zeta-Jones is very active on Instagram, so much so that, a few days ago, before her daughter left, she posted a video of the young woman when she was little and dedicated another nice text to her.

“Carys is packing for college and I’m watching these old videos. Don’t tell her I posted them.”said the protagonist of Chicago. It must be said that Catherine Zeta-Jones is preparing for a great challenge by being Morticia Addams in the new series of Crazy Addams, directed by none other than Tim Burton.

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