One by one: the Latin American productions that will be on Star +

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The wait is over and finally Star+ Is available in Latin America. In this way, it already begins to offer now to produce dramas What Limbo … until I decide, The cry of butterflies and December 2001; comedies What Mask vs. Knight and How To Be a Carioca; dramatic comedies What Planners and Fine arts; thrillers What Primetime; biopics What Pancho Villa: the Centaur of the North, the king of tv, Coppola, the representative, Maria Bonita and Ringo; docu-realitis What Bios: lives that marked yours and Airport Alert.

For its part, will rediscover stories exciting like Until i met you, Besieged, The cesar, The host, Monsoon, General Naranjo, Selena’s Secret and Here in the earth. Here we list you nine Latin American productions that will soon arrive on the streaming platform and that promise to be a success. Do not miss it!

+ 9 Latin American productions that will be on Star +

9. Alternative Therapy

The 24th September will come to Star+ the series starring Carla Peterson, Benjamin Vicuña, Eugenia ‘China’ Suárez, Fernán Mirás, Julieta Cardinali, Gustavo Garzón, Boy Olmi and Graciela Borges. It tells the story of Selva, an eccentric and renowned couples therapist who finds her way of doing analysis challenged by the arrival at her office of Elías and Malena, a pair of lovers who go in search of help to separate. Faced with this new and unexplored challenge, Selva embarks with this couple in a type of atypical therapy, which will make her go beyond all the limits allowed in her profession.

Alternative Therapy, one of the Latin American bets for the streaming platform (Star +).

8. Impure

The third season from unclean, fiction based on the real events of the 90s. The new episodes of Impuros continue the story of the drug trafficker Evandro do Dendê and the police officer Víctor Morello, who will face new personal, family and criminal conflicts in the context of the war of Latin American drug trafficking.

7. It wasn’t my fault: Mexico

The new season will hit the platform on September, 17th. It is a production made in three local versions, which tells stories about femicides, inspired by real events of women of different ages, social classes and places of origin. It wasn’t my fault: Mexico stars Mexican actresses and actors Paulina Gaitán, Raúl Méndez, Damián Alcázar and Giovanna Utrilla. It tells the story of Mariana, a woman who has to face the worst tragedy of her life when her younger sister, Lily, whom she raised as a daughter since they were orphaned, mysteriously disappears one night without a trace. Two years later, Mariana finds her sister’s body and, from that moment, she will not rest until she finds the truth: who killed her sister and what happened to her during those two years.

6. Bios

A new episode of Bios is now available on the Star + platform. On this occasion, it honors Andres Calamaro. From the hand of the young Argentine singer Nathy Peluso, this installment reviews the life and work of the iconic Argentine musician, through an extensive intimate chat with him, unpublished archive images and testimonies from friends, collaborators, former members of his bands and his manager for more than twenty years.

5. Santa Evita

The filming of the series has already finished Santa Evita that will come to Star + in 2022. Made and co-produced with NonStop, the new production stars Natalia Oreiro, Ernesto Alterio, Darío Grandinetti, Francesc Orella and Diego Velázquez. The series is based on the homonymous novel by Tomás Eloy Martínez and follows the story of Eva Perón’s embalmed body after her death.

Santa Evita

Santa Evita, starring Natalia Oreiro, has already finished filming (Star +).

4. The Galán

El Galán: TV changed, he didn’t tells the story of a telenovela heartthrob from the nineties, recognized for starring in a successful series. However, he lost most of his fame and is now trying to find his place in the world amid wild misadventures. It is starring Humberto Zurita, Sara Maldonado, Ana Claudia Talancón and Sebastián Zurita.

El Galán: TV changed, he didn't

El Galán: TV changed, he does not join the streaming platform (Star +).

3. The Protectors

Written and directed by the Argentine screenwriter, film and television director Marcos Carnival and starring Argentine actors Adrian Suar and Gustavo Bermúdez, and the Colombian actor Andres Parra, this series filmed in the city of Buenos Aires and made by Kapow, tells the story of three representatives of soccer players, completely different from each other, who are forced to associate to save their businesses.

The protectors

Soon it will arrive on the Los Protectores (Star +) platform.

2. The Manager

Guillermo Francella stars in this series created and directed by Argentines Maiano Cohn and Gaston duprat. It narrates, in a register of irony and humor, the adventures of Eliseo, the manager of a high-class building, who, behind the back of the consortium that employs it, makes use and abuse of his power of surveillance and meddling. The building is a universe whose ecosystem has its dynamics and specific rules and Eliseo knows all of them perfectly. There he lives, works and absorbs every last detail of the life of its inhabitants. But, underneath his obliging and obliging appearance, he hides a talent for manipulating them. Coming soon to Star+.

1. Insanity

This series filmed in Brazil is starring Brazilians Carol Castro, Eucir de Souza, Rafael Losso, Rafaela Mandelli and Bella Camero. Follow the story of Paula, a scientific police officer who is admitted to a mysterious psychiatric clinic after a family tragedy. There, his mind wanders down shadowy and dubious paths, reaching the brink of insanity, as he investigates the true motive for his hospitalization and unravels a terrifying conspiracy.


Insania will be exclusive content on the streaming platform (Star +).

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