One-legged 4-year-old boy managed to climb the highest peak in Wales

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Snowdon is the highest mountain in Gales, with a height of 1,085 meters, and the highest point of the British Isles outside of Scotland. It is located in the Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd, and has been described as “probably the busiest mountain in Britain”.

What’s more, Snowdon it was designated as a national nature reserve due to its rare flora and fauna. This is because the rocks that make up the mountain were produced by volcanoes in the Ordovician period, and the massif has been extensively sculpted by glaciation.

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This peak in Wales is one of the most difficult for adults, much more for little ones. But Albie Jr. Thomas, a four-year-old boy, has defied any limit as he has climbed that mountain with only one leg. The achievement has not been only for him and his family, but the news has transcended borders because he has become the youngest person to achieve it.

The life story of Albie Jr. Thomas

This British boy was born with a disease that deformed his leg, more specifically a fibula hemimelia that made him have a deformed left foot and his left leg two inches shorter than the other. Although rare, it is the most common of the congenital long bone deficiencies.

When he was just over a year old, doctors had to cut off his left foot, although that did not stop his illness. From the age of two, use a prosthesis for walk. However, as clearly seen in the video, that doesn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams of becoming a Paralympic athlete.

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The Paralympic Games They are the greatest exponent of Paralympic Sports and form an important international multisport event for athletes with physical disabilities. In this sense, athletes with motor disabilities, amputations, blindness and cerebral palsy are included.

The courage to climb the highest peak in Wales

Last Sunday, November 28, Albie Jr. Thomas and his father Daniel They decided to set out on the most difficult mountain in Wales. To everyone’s surprise, in less than five hours they went up and down. His father is his great mentor and supports him in everything. “Whatever you want to do, we will do it. I have big plans: we are going to travel together to hike and run around the world. As long as Albie wants to go to the Paralympic Games, I’m going to help him do it, “he said.

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