One more year without driving the Cybertruck: Tesla delays it to 2022 without big headlines

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Also baptized with a rather Sci Fi name, the Cybertruck or ‘cyber-truck’ is Tesla’s answer to such popular concepts as the Ford F150, one of the best-selling vehicles in the United States in its concept truck.

Cybertruck the Tesla

Of course, where most enters the eye is in its design, because it is clear that designers have looked directly at the style of films como Blade Runner to design a truck / van with a body of such straight angles and lines It looks like the F-117 Nighthawk plane, -as if it wants the car to avoid enemy radars.

The concept behind the ‘pick-up truck’ is that of be able to compete with Ford’s F150 and the rest of the trucks so common on US roads, in addition to providing a new design to this sector, which according to Tesla has not changed in the last 100 years. But since we are in the current era and a product must be multitasking, the Cybertruck is also a vehicle with glass and an armored body that is shock resistant and even bulletproof.

Cybertruck won’t start in 2021

As we pointed out a year and a half ago, the vehicle was going to go into production for this year, but it looks like Musk’s new little creature – whose groundbreaking and futuristic design is sure to create school – will not start this year, since as aim the electrek medium Tesla has finally confirmed that Cybertruck Electric Pickup Delayed to 2022 after months hinting at the possible delay in getting to production.

When Tesla introduced its Cybertruck in 2019, it said that the electric truck would hit the market by the end of 2021. Over the past year, with the calendar approaching and all the problems that the Coronavirus pandemic and the semiconductor crisis have created throughout that sector using electronic components, there have been signs that the Cybertruck could be delayed.

First of all, it has not been until now that Tesla has completed the engineering design of its new electric vehicle. And Musk, CEO of the firm, also warned that Tesla is going to have some trouble bringing the Cybertruck into production due to its features, such as the steel exoskeleton body that requires “completely new manufacturing processes “.

Despite those concerns and the deadline for “late 2021 “ is approaching, TEsla seemed reluctant to confirm that production of the Cybertruck was going to be delayed. In fact, during the release of its second quarter 2021 financial results last month, Tesla kept the same timeline and only specified that Cybertruck production would begin at Gigafactory Texas after the Model Y.

Planned departure date: 2022

Production of the Model Y is supposed to begin at the Texas Gigafactory at the end of the year, so it doesn’t eliminate the possibility that Cybertruck production may begin this year, but it made the timeline unlikely.

However, a few weeks later, Tesla has confirmed that the Cybertruck has been delayed until 2022: On the order page, the company has updated the footnotes to confirm that the configurator for buyers will be available when “the production approaches 2022”. The note is the same for all three Cybertruck variants, despite Tesla previously saying that the two high-end variants, Dual Motor and Tri-Motor, will arrive first. Tesla makes no other mention of a calendar for the Cybertruck on its website.

The race for electric pickups

There is currently a race to market America’s first electric pickup. Tesla has never been considered the most likely contender to be first to market, but this delay will not help either.

However, you are not the only one experiencing delays.

  • Rivian it recently delayed production of its R1T electric pickup from July to September.
  • Lordstown He’s also having trouble getting his electric truck to market.
  • GM is expected to deliver the Hummer EV in the United States at the end of this 2021
  • Ford for its part will not launch the F150 Lighting until spring 2022

Although the delay of the Cybertruck was expected and some ‘early adopters’ will be disappointed, economically it seems that the new vehicle is going to sell well, because from between Tesla has accumulated more than a million reservations of its Cybertruck.


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