One of the actors of This Is Us anticipated what the end will be like

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Who has not cried at least once with This Is Us it has no heart. The drama created by Dan Fogelman it became one of the most consumed programs of NBC, thanks to the links of the Pearson family. With dilemmas ranging from identity, to love, to depression and drugs, the show ran for five seasons to very positive reviews. Now, he is preparing for what will be his sixth and final installment.

Ron Cephas Jones, who gave life to William Hill, the biological father of Randall (Sterling K. Brown), spoke with Entertainment Tonight Canada about what they will show in the last season of This Is Us. The series still does not have a release date for the sixth batch of episodes, but all those who have followed it since its creation in 2016 are ready to tear up with all the Pearson family.

Although he did not confirm if it will be part, Cephas Jones made it clear that everything is given so that his version of William reappear. Towards the end of the fifth installment, the character was seen in his youth (played by Jermel Nakia), so at least one cameo of his could be seen. After all, the series owes him one of the most emotional moments, that of the trip to Memphis. Thanks to his role as William, Ron won two emmy awards and had two other nominations.

Cephas Jones was in more than 40 chapters of the series. (IMDb)

When asked about the sixth season of This Is Us, Cephas Jones defined it as “Overwhelming for all”. In this context, he stated: “I think they got to a point that is going to be overwhelming for everyone. You realize how many things have to be closed between the family, los PearsonsMan, there were so many wonderful things that happened last season, all the surprises there were. There are many little buttons, many I’s that need to be scored, many tees that have to be crossed out, and I think it’s going to be overwhelming even for me. “.

The Great Job Editing This Is Us

One of the strongest points of This Is Us Throughout all these years it was the way in which they managed to build climates. Much of this was because of the work of the music and the editors, who find the perfect way to set the pace for the audience to laugh and cry, get emotional with all the characters.

griffin dunne

Griffin Dunne plays Uncle Nicky, who could get married next season. (IMDb)

Griffin Dunne, responsible for giving life to the Uncle Nicky, He said that no matter how much they read the scripts and know what the most important points of each episode are, there is always room for the unexpected. “When they edit it, there are some surprises. The series is staged in an unusual way, it is very fresh. You see it as one more fan, and what is going to happen makes you curious. It surprises you emotionally”, he pointed.

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