One of the Buildings used in the Filming of the Series ‘Downton Abbey’ Burns Down

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On Thursday, a fire broke out at the Dalton Mills building in Keighley, West Yorkshire, which will be familiar to fans of the series Downton Abbey’ because it was used as a backdrop in many of the original episodes.

This former textile factory, which is 137 years old, has also appeared in other British dramas such as ‘Peaky Blinders’ or ‘North and South’ and has been used as a film set for several Bollywood productions.

In the videos circulating on social networks you can see the entire structure engulfed in flames while more than a hundred firefighters worked on the extinguishing work. Accordingly, last night the West Yorkshire Emergency Service advised residents to stay home and not visit the affected area.

At the moment it is unknown the extent of the damage or if the structure will remain standing. It is also unclear what the origin of the fire was: whether it was an accident or was provoked.

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