One of the surprises of the year, Loop Hero, comes to Nintendo Switch in December

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The first months of this year 2021 that is about to end left us a pleasant surprise in the independent field. We talk about Loop Hero, a title that managed to go viral despite being an already hackneyed subgenre such as roguelite, and it did so thanks to an innovative formula in which the cards, their personal design and the addictiveness of their proposal did the rest. Thus, after three months succeeding on Steam, today we have to celebrate its arrival next December on Nintendo Switch.

A success loop

We will be able to enjoy Loop Hero in the three versions of Nintendo Switch -standard, Lite and OLED-, arriving almost by absolute surprise, since although it was expected that it would end up landing in the Nintendo hybrid, the announcement has been made with little notice regarding upon launch. Developed by the small studio Four Quarters and edited by Return Digital, Loop Hero was launched last March on Steam, garnering exceptional criticism from players and the press, becoming one of the most popular titles of the moment.

Loop Hero will be available only digitally in the Nintendo Switch eShop, costing 15 euros, exactly the same as its PC version, although it should be noted that when reserving it we will get a discount and we will get it for 13.49. Without a doubt, it must be taken into account, because as we said, we are talking about a game that has a remarkable average of 82 in Metacritic – the same that it obtained in its analysis in Meristation – and “Very positive” reviews on Valve’s digital platform with more than 19,000 reviews speaking well of this title.

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In Loop Hero we must defeat the villain of the game, the Lich, danod continuous turns to a loop that we change thanks to the cards that we are getting during the course of the adventure, so that reflection and strategy seem key in a game of leisurely pace.

Loop Hero will arrive concretely on December 9 to Nintendo Switch, weighing only 218 Mb, and being available in multiple languages, among which is, fortunately, Spanish.

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