One Piece Chapter 1047: What to expect

By: Mou Mita Das

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Weekly Shonen Jump released the one piece chapter 1047, “The Sky Over the Capital” just 23 hours ago. The Previous issues have offered some intense action sequences between Kaido and Luffy. On top of that, the mystery begins: the fire crisis on Onigashima is also getting unwrapped slowly.

In the previous issues, Luffy again made clear his ambition. Besides that, Mononosuke was also there. Hence, fans are eagerly waiting to read the One piece chapter 1047 to get more exciting details.

The English translations may not be available readily. But we are here to help you. We will offer you some more insights and theories about this latest chapter.

But, before you read, a small warning! We are giving some spoilers (wink!wink!). So, read at your own risk; one piece, fans!

What happens in One Piece chapter 1047

Some fans have already started to give out a few spoilers and theories about the One piece chapter 1047, including the fate of Momonosuke, Luffy, and the others.

Fate of momonosuke

The first thing that may happen is related to Momonosuke. He was already struggling to make the fire clouds. The struggle may go on, and he may even go through a self-doubt phase in this series. He may finally find some solace in the memories of his mother. Toki. Toki died when their castle burned. She encouraged her son to travel to the future. Toki was always confident about Momonosuke’s abilities. Hence, Momo may get some confidence while reminiscing.

Fate of Momonosuke

An anonymous scanned image recently offered some spoilers related to Momo. The image also confirmed the evolution of this character. Another twitter user also offered some information related to momo’s fate fate. He revealed that the straw hat gang was on the beach with Momonosuke in dragon form. So, it will be interesting to see how Momo gains his power and confidence!

Luffy becomes stronger

The new issue is slowly unwrapping more powers, Luffy. He has always become stronger in a dire situations. So, his fight with Kaido will surely make him stronger, and he will gain new skills. The spoilers indicate that our beloved rubber pirate will use a new attack.

Luffy was attacking Kaido with thunder in the previous issue. The intense battle will continue even this issue. Some theorize that Luffy may use a new and improved thunder trick on Kaido.

Luffy vs. Kaido

A shocking revelation is about the Devil Fruit. Kaido has already revealed that the Previous Pirate King was not a devil fruit owner. But, Luffy will continue to strike Kaido with his attacks. But, being a strong opponent, Kaido will surely give a solid challenge to Luffy, even though he may hit Luffy with his attack. So, the main point here becomes how Luffy will defeat Kaido to become the Devil Fruit owner and the New Pirate King! His new attack Gomu gomu no thundar will hit Kaido surely well!

As per spoilers, Kaido may declare that abilities “Are not necessary to dominate the world” during the battle.

The fall of Onigashima

The fate of Onigashima is still unclear. The Samurais support Luffy as they want to live a life free of slavery. They all are rooting for Luffy and the Straw Hat gang to make Wano a free country. The Castle has also been flooded as per the plan of Raise and Jinbe.

Ending notes

Overall, the One-piece chapter 1047 is going to be a sure-shot entertainer. This issue will offer some emotional moments and blood-boiling action while our beloved heroes navigate the challenges and the fate of the Fire island and Kaido’s dominion.

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