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One Piece Live Action Series: Dethroning Game of Thrones as the Most Expensive in History

One Piece Live Action Series Surpasses Budget of Game of Thrones

The upcoming live-action version of One Piece has become Netflix’s most expensive production to date, surpassing the budget of Game of Thrones. As streaming services like Netflix continue to expand and compete, they are taking greater risks and making bigger sacrifices. The creation of original material is crucial for these services to justify launching franchises with numerous sequels and spin-offs. However, not all of these propositions succeed, and companies are under pressure to invest significant amounts of money to secure at least one big seasonal hit.

In the past, series like Game of Thrones were considered high-risk due to their budgets. However, their success reassured producers that major losses were unlikely. Yet, the landscape of television and streaming services has changed rapidly, with mid-budget series like Merlina and Kisses, Kitty staying at the top of the catalog for months. As a result, companies are seeking to exploit these successful series with new seasons at a similar price but with reduced production time.

Despite this, production companies are still investing in expensive projects like The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and Citadel, as canceling them would be more costly. While the amounts involved may seem unrealistic for a streaming-exclusive series or movie, companies like Netflix will continue spending significant sums and canceling titles that don’t perform well upon release. This dynamic has led to criticism of Netflix for canceling promising titles like The Lockwood Agency and 1899, while delivering projects like The Gray Man and Cowboy Bebop that were poorly received by audiences and critics.

This year, Netflix faces challenges and must overcome a run of disappointments to successfully release the live-action version of One Piece. Adapting Eiichirō Oda’s lengthy anime and manga series presented a significant challenge for a streaming service. Nevertheless, with the promise of Oda’s involvement in every step, Netflix moved forward. The first official trailer divided fans, but it also demonstrated the company’s significant investment in doing justice to the world of pirates.

According to a report by Daily Dose of Anime, each episode of One Piece carries an incredibly high budget, making it one of the most expensive series in history. Reportedly, each episode costs $18 million, several million more than Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian, which had budgets around $15 million. However, it is still far below the $60 million budget of The Rings of Power, whose episodes followed the pace of film production. If the series does not succeed in its August release, it could be considered one of Netflix’s most surprising and regrettable failures.

Netflix is determined to find the right formula for adapting anime, as they believe it offers endless possibilities for future exploration. Despite their first expensive attempts at adaptations not working out well, the company has made a significant investment in the live-action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 1. However, there are concerns about the project following the departure of the creators of the original animated series due to creative differences, a loss that the production company cannot afford to face.

Make sure to catch the trailer for One Piece and witness the upcoming release of Netflix’s ambitious live-action adaptation.

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