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One Piece: Netflix more anime content in February

One Piece, along with Dragon ball and Attack on titan, are the most popular anime of the moment. Eiichiro Oda’s series began airing in 1999 and continues to broadcast on television and on different platforms such as Crunchyroll.

Currently, the anime has begun to share the first episodes on Netflix and many more will arrive in 2021. According to the platform, since February of this year, they will begin to share more chapters.

Specifically, the premiere has been scheduled for February 12. One Piece: Alabasta; One Piece: Chopper on Winter Island and One Piece: The Great Sea Route will be available from the date indicated.

Remember that the manga is also on air after the creator has taken a break at the end of 2020.

More anime on Netflix

  • Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan – February 18, 2021
  • Invasion in the Heights- February 25, 2021
  • TIGER & BUNNY- February 28, 2021

“One Piece” 1000, Big Mom and Kaido vs Luffy: this happened in the most anticipated chapter of the series


He Chapter 1000 its titled “Mugiwara No Luffy“, Y and a Luffy arriving in front of Shishilian with his other companions who had cleared the way for him. Meanwhile, to Momonosuke they give him his father’s diary Oden, and thanks Yamato while remembering what he said in the past with Ace.

They talked about Luffy when he commented that it would be the Pirate king, something that Yamato I had heard before the very Gol D. RogerSo he had no reason to scoff at the dreams of someone who was sure he was and who, from what he had seen, would one day make it.

Yamato also relates all the events of the past while Luffy continues to advance on his part, mentioning that Oden he had described a similar future when he met him. “Twenty years from now, the next generation of powerful pirates will lead the next era. They will reach the “New World” and if I die … Then they will be the ones to defeat Kaido!“, said.

While Kaido and Big Mom advance towards Luffy who had come before them, they comment on the things he did to each one. Ignoring them, he goes to help Kin’emon, apologizing for the delay. Luffy see all the friends of Oden beaten and seriously wounded, while they apologize for not having made the grade in battle.

Kaido then he will attack Luffy and quickly this asks that Torah teleport them to another place and dodge the blow of Kaido. Without thinking twice, raise your fist, activate the Gear Third and launch a new technique: La Gomu Gomu no Red Rock. This attack is so powerful that it sends Kaido down.

Luffy reaffirms that he will be the one to become the Pirate king, while looking defiantly at his two adversaries. They are both stunned by the power of the Straw hat and the Chapter 1000 it ends that way. Now, fans are looking forward to the next episode to see the final result of this great fight.

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