One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date and Updates

One Punch Man is one of the most celebrated anime series on a global level. So far, the makers have released two seasons of this anime. The audience worldwide loved every bit of it, and now they are waiting for the third installment.

One Punch Man is a Japanese webcomic produced by ONE. Originally, it was a manga, later turned into an anime. The series comprises some spectacular fighting scenes, a powerful storyline, interesting characters, and everything in between, all of which have made it a viral sensation with 7.2 million views in record time. An amalgamation of emotions, music, fights, humor, and good music, the anime is a fun watch for all.

We have gathered some updates on its third season. Read this article till the end to find out.

What is the Plot of One-Punch Man?

One Punch Man is a Japanese superhero franchise produced by ONE. Based on Manga, the series made its debut in 2015. The show follows the story of Saitama, who has spent most of his life as a normal guy. One day, he chooses to become a hero for fun and works extremely hard to become strong. Now, Saitama has become extremely strong and can defeat his enemies with a single punch. Since he can fight with and defeat anyone, life becomes too dull. But after meeting the cyborg, Genos, and joining the Hero Association together, Saitama’s life gets more interesting.

Will there be a Third Season of One Punch Man?

Both the seasons of the series have been a massive success on a global level. The makers are in no mood to disrupt the excitement and love of the fans for the series. Hence, the third season of the anime is happening.

The announcement came in August 2022, after a tweet from the official account of the show, which was further translated to reach out to all. Although the season has been confirmed, no official date for its release has been stated. Fans are still awaiting word from the makers. When the makers released the second season, they had to wait four years. They hope this time wait becomes shorter.

The makers stated the reason for the delay between the first and second seasons. It happened because of the change and modification in the cast, team, and animation house. Earlier, its director was Shingo Natsume, and later on, Chikara Sakurai took the seat. Likewise, the anime was first created by Madhouse and later passed on to J.C. Staff.

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According to fans, if the current team remains the same and no major modifications happen with the cast, production, and direction, they can expect the show’s third season sometime in 2023.

What is the Current Story Arc of One Punch Man?

Season 2 of One Punch Man ended with the beginning of the Monsters Association arc. It is expected that the third season will continue its entirety while introducing more elements. That said, if the third season also follows the example of the previous seasons, it will contain only 12 episodes and wouldn’t be able to adapt the entire story arc completely.

It is presumed that Season 3 will be exciting as it will focus mainly on Garou and the Monsters Association, which is creating havoc. The S-Class heroes, along with A-Class and B-Class heroes, will launch an assault on the Monsters Association hideout, thanks to the Child Emperor, who had pinpointed the location.

The forthcoming season will also introduce many heroes from A-Class and B-Class. It is also expected that this season will show how Garou was saved by the Monsters Association. Besides heroes, the third season will be full of villains. Monster King Orochi will make an appearance, and Gyoro Gyoro will unveil the truth about this monster.

If reports are to be believed, the third season of One Punch Man will wrap up with Chapter 138 of the Manga. In this chapter, Saitama, Flashy Flash, and Manako were underground with Flashy Flash’s arm stuck. Tatsumaki clears the rubble, leaving a small hole through which Manako tries to escape. But they soon see an unknown identity crouched in a fatal position, indicating that it could be God.

This incident has the potential to serve as a perfect cliffhanger to the finale of the third season. If this happens, the fourth season of the anime will also be on the cards.

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Can I Watch the Trailer of One Punch Man Season 3?

So far, no trailer, teaser, or photo update of the third season has been revealed by the makers. It is hard to predict when the internet or media will obtain a clip for their fans. But there has not been a complete lack of Saitama activity when it comes to manga. Yusuke Murata, the man behind the manga, released a self-drawn, self-written, and self-animated short in September 2019.

What About the Cast of One Punch Man Season 3?

As of now, no vital changes have been witnessed in the cast of the anime. Saitama and his apprentice, Genos, will continue playing significant roles in the third season. The anime may have a revolving cast of heroes and villains besides these two. You may expect to see heroes like Child Emperor, Atomic Samurai, Metal Knight, and Zombieman.

However, the confirmation of the cast remains a big question. Also, the future of the monsters remains uncertain because a majority of them died at the hands of Saitama.

Where Can I Watch Season 3?

The third season of the anime is expected to be available on Crunchyroll. The first season of One Punch Roll is on Netflix, but the second one shifted to the former platform, suggesting it will be the home of the anime for further seasons as well.

Know Some Interesting Facts about One Punch Man

  • Although a Manga, the journey of One Punch Man, aka Saitama, started online. The hero began as a webcomic when it was created by the anonymous named manga artist ONE. The comic was launched online in early 2009 and received around 8 million views by the end of June 2012. 
  • The origin of Saitama’s name has a story too. In ONE’s hometown, there was a real person with the same name. He was a normal person working as a clerk at the local convenience store. The real Saitama was so ordinary that people referred to him as a lazy bum who did not work. ONE sought some inspiration from this real person and created his own version who became a hero. 
  • One of the most interesting facts about the show is that Saitama is an Otaku himself. Saitama reads a lot of manga, he has read almost every series published in Japan. The protagonist also has a habit of reading Manga while sleeping. He is a big fan of shounen manga and romantic comedies. 
  • One Punch Man includes five different levels of threats, namely Wolf, Tiger, Demon, Dragon, and God. Out of them, God is the most difficult one to defeat, and many pose a dangerous risk to the existence of humanity. 
  • One Punch Man has an unassuming look. A lot is also discussed about his outfit. According to a few reports, his outfits serve as a tribute to a beloved children’s character, Anpanman. He is a superhero with a jelly pastry for a head. Anpanman starred in Manga from 1973 to 2013 and in anime from 1988, which still runs to this day. Interestingly, the show is also verified as the Guinness World Record holder for the most characters in an animated franchise. One Punch Man’s outfit is a color-reversed version of Anpanman. 
  • The original manga has been extremely popular throughout Japan. Reportedly, over 10 million copies of the manga were sold in the country. Not only this, but it was also nominated for an Eisner Award in 2015.
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