One-tap login: Google introduces new API Identity Service

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One-tap login: Google introduces new API Identity Service

Google has introduced a new collection of APIs that combine various identification methods in a single software development kit (SDK). The interface is called Google Identity Service and offers the option of logging in with a Google Sing-in button, as well as One Tap, a new option for authentication.

The uniform approach is intended to prevent security gaps and data protection violations from occurring when logging in beyond the Google products. Sign in with Google and the new One Tap functionality dispense with passwords and rely on tokens to log users into websites or applications from Google partners.

If the SDK is implemented, users will receive a one-tap request to log in on the corresponding website without a specially set up landing page, so that they are not disturbed in their navigation intentions. You can swipe the one-tap prompt from the top-right corner on a website and bottom-up on a mobile device. Users should be able to log in or register with just one tap, without having to remember their login data or create a password.

Google has also revised the “Sign in with Google” button. In the future, it will show personalized user details for recurring users as well as the selected user account. In addition, the development team worked on UI / UX consistency across websites.

More information about the Google Identity Service can also be found in the post on the Google Developers Blog.


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