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One Tree Hill Actor Jackson Brundage Is All Grown Up! Here Is How He Look Like Now!

Jackson Brundage

Surely you’ve heard about Jimmy Jam Scott, the little boy from One Tree Hill. His age has progressed, and he is no more the same youngster. Since then, Jackson Brundage, who portrayed Jamie Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill as a teenager, has celebrated his 21st birthday as a real-life person, albeit a fictional one. Have you begun to see the signs of his advancing years in his pictures?

A Recent Picture Is Out

Brundage marked the momentous occasion with a video on his Instagram Story over the weekend. “It’s the twenty-first of the year! A picture of Brundage holding up a peace sign was included in an article recently.

Jackson’s Personality Is What Makes Him Unique

In the United States, Brundage is a former child actress. Jamie Scott on The CW’s One Tree Hill, where he starred from 2008 to its conclusion in 2012, is his most well-known character. Since then, he’s been on several television programs.

Brundage portrayed the part of Dad in the Nick at Night comedy See Dad Run, which featured Scott Baio and aired from 2012 to 2015. To begin with, he voiced a character called Foo on Nickelodeon’s Harvey Beaks until being replaced by Tom Robinson. He has experience in the film, television, and voiceover industries. He played Charlie Allan Smith in the film Lime Salted Love. Pablo’s voice was also supplied by him for Einstein Pals. He declared his departure from acting in 2015.

Some Information About His Family

Jackson Brundage is the son of Richard Brundage. In addition to his parents, Keely and Parker are two other family members he has. A dancer on NBC’s Las Vegas, where he also portrayed the son, he made his television debut in 2008 as the son of a single mother. His role as Jamie Scott on the hit show One Tree Hill, which he portrayed from 2008 until the show’s end in 2012 and then again in 2013, was cast the same year. Jackson featured in the film See Dad Run, which was released in 2012, while Brundage participated in the television series Nick at Night comedy. Harvey Beaks, on Nickelodeon, had him as the voice of the character Foo.


While he has been on television, he has also appeared in the movies. He made his feature film debut as a child artist in the 2006 film Lime Salted Love. He gave the voice of Einstein in the 2011 film Einstein Pals.

Sport is another passion of his besides acting. He enjoys everything from soccer to swimming to martial arts to basketball to even baseball.

It was in the fifth season of One Tree Hill when the show jumped four years into the future and focused on the lives of the One Tree Hill group as young adults. As the show’s star, Brundage captured the hearts of fans everywhere.

When it came to his demeanor and his love for his family and his pet rabbit named Chester, his personality was both amusing and adorable. To him, he was just like his father, a professional basketball player, and his height didn’t stop him from chasing that dream.

Into the World of Popularity

Brundage has been in the popular CW series from its debut in 2008 till its finale in 2012. Besides Harvey Beaks on Nickelodeon and Einstein Pals, where he played Pablo, he went on to do voice work after his stint on One Tree Hill. In addition, he starred with Scott Baio in the Nick at Nite comedy See Dad Run.

His Absence from the Public

Since publicly announcing his retirement from acting in 2015, he has been mostly absent from public view ever since. Even so, he has been reunited with his One Tree Hill co-stars, including Chad Lafferty and Hilarie Burton, along with Stephen Colletti and Stephen Fry. Additionally, Barbara Woods, Lee Norris, and Michael May are all back together.

While talking to Brundage’s on-screen father about the potential of returning to the show in January, he expressed his delight at the prospect. When asked whether One Tree Hill would return if Sex and the City was revived, Lafferty responded with, “I guess here we are.”

It’s Not Certain Whether He’ll Ever Work With Sophia Bush Or Any Other OTH Alums Again In The Future

A cheerleader turned famous fashion designer, Brooke Davis appeared in the teen drama from 2003 and 2012. As Bush put it at a press conference, “I can’t reveal all of our secrets, but I’d say never say never.” It’s unclear whether the cast members, including Bush, are in talks for a remake, although Bush did hint that her character may be played by someone else in the future. The best person I’ve ever met is her, in my opinion.

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