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OnePlus and Oppo: OxygenOS and ColorOS should merge

After the merger of the mobile phone manufacturers OnePlus and Oppo, their operating systems are also to be merged. Pete Lau, product manager of both companies, announced this in a forum post. OxygenOS from OnePlus and ColorOS from Oppo will merge into a system, the name of which has not yet been announced. Both operating systems are based on Android.

It has been known for a few days that Oppo and OnePlus, both of which belong to the Chinese group BKK Electronics, are merging their software development teams. One Report from Bloomberg According to this merger, several Oppo employees should lose their jobs. In addition, employees from the IoT department who worked on wearables and earbuds, among other things, are said to have been fired.

A combination of the two operating systems is already used in some of the current OnePlus devices: OxygenOS, for example, was placed over the ColorOS substructure in the OnePlus Nord 2. What the upcoming combination OS of the two smartphone manufacturers should look like is open. Lau only emphasizes in the forum postto want to bundle the strengths of both platforms – but predicates such as “fast, smart and rich in features” remain vague.

But there is a solid statement there: The bootloader of OnePlus devices will remain unlocked in the future, promises Lau. This is noteworthy because the bootloader cannot be unlocked on Oppo’s devices. “We will adapt the unified operating system specifically for OnePlus devices to keep it as clean and slim as before and to continue to support unlocked bootloaders,” writes Lau. This formulation suggests that the combination of ColorOS and OxygenOS on Oppo and OnePlus devices will behave differently in the future as well.

Lau also confirmed to the US mediathat there won’t be a OnePlus 9T this year. OnePlus traditionally brings two flagships onto the market each year, one in spring and another at the end of the year. Last year, for example, OnePlus first released the OnePlus 8 before the OnePlus 8T later went on sale. This year OnePlus is suspending the T version of its top model.

OnePlus and Oppo announced their merger in the summer. Both Oppo and OnePlus previously belonged to the Chinese group BKK Electronics and have worked closely together. Going forward, OnePlus will be treated as a sub-brand of Oppo. The merger is intended to optimize operational processes and provide OnePlus with more resources, the companies justified the move.


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