Online conference: Get an early bird discount for mastering microservices now!

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On April 28, 2022, Mastering Microservices, an online conference organized by the heise Academy on the subject of microservices, will take place. Microservices make software more modular, faster and easier to adapt. But what sounds so advantageous also has its pitfalls. In this online conference, software architects, software developers and IT project managers learn how to master the challenges of microservices and how to use the advantages efficiently.

The participants can listen to the seven lectures by renowned experts from their own desks Mastering Microservices will be broadcast live. Nevertheless, they don’t have to do without interaction options: they can ask questions during the lectures via chat, and the speakers are also available to answer questions after the lecture in so-called breakout sessions. Afterwards, all lectures are available to visitors as recordings. They also get access to the conference materials.

These are the topics of the online conference:

  • Microservices, monoliths, moduliths – what speaks for which approach?
  • different approaches in message-based systems
  • API Gateway, Service Mesh, Event Mesh or Orchestration à la Kubernetes?
  • Micro Frontends in Aktion
  • Ways to deal with transactional use cases in distributed systems
  • Debugging distributed systems
  • Testing of microservices and their interaction

Mastering Microservices is intended for professionals who deal with microservices in their daily work and want to know how to solve technical problems and where the architecture journey is going. You can benefit from the early bird discount until April 7, 2022 and save 50 euros on the price of 199 euros that will apply afterwards (all prices include VAT). Teams receive special conditions on request.

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The Mastering Microservices will take place for the second time after 2020. At that time, well over 200 people took part in the online conference.


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