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Online conference on API development: betterCode () API on December 1st, 2021

After the two successful editions of the betterCode () API online conference in spring 2021, a third will follow on December 1 with further practice-related topics. For over a day the from heise Developer and dpunkt.verlag organized event answers to numerous questions:

  • What are the weaknesses of REST? What are the alternatives?
  • How can you learn from the API Coding Guidelines: from Zalando?
  • Do you really always have to version APIs?
  • Where can the AsyncAPI help?
  • Are APIs generally unsafe?

In his lecture, Thomas Bayer will deal with the weaknesses of REST or for which tasks REST makes sense and for what more suitable alternatives are available. Arne Limburg shows possible ways and alternatives to escape the versioning hell. Thomas Frauenstein from the online mail order company Zalando also reports on the API design guidelines and API engineering principles developed in the company, and Thomas Frotscher presents the AsyncAPI, a specification for asynchronous interfaces.

Frank Scheffler and Florian Pfleiderer show with a twinkle in their eye and using practical examples where typical sources of error lurk in API testing in distributed applications and how the software system can be ruined in the best possible way. Another lecture by Felix von Leitner (Fefe) finally addresses the question of how to avoid typical errors in API design. There will also be a panel in which the participants can also have an impact. Further information can be found on the website.

The conference, which is aimed at software developers, software architects, and API and integration officers, costs up to xyz. November 149 euros (all prices plus VAT), then 199 euros. The two editions in spring can be obtained from Vimeo for 59 euros each (API Basics, API Advanced) They are not a prerequisite for the third day of the conference, but they are certainly helpful.


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