Only 2 in 10 companies have offered cybersecurity training to their employees

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Although remote work represented an increase in cybersecurity risks for organizations, such as the increase in spam and phishing attacks, only 2 out of 10 companies have offered training to their collaborators in this area.

The study “Digitization of Work”, carried out by the Internet MX Association and OCCMundial reveals that only 24% of companies have trained their staff in this regard. However, half of the companies report they are interested in training their employees in the use of digital tools (59%).

Cybersecurity is a key point in organizations. In Mexico, 60% of companies report having suffered an attack such as identity theft (phishing) or hijacking programs (ransomware) since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the business cybersecurity study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Citrix.

But that is not all. Mexico is also the second country protected against cyber attacks on businesses, with just under 3.8 million attempted attacks so far this year. 73% of organizations in the country have experienced at least one cybersecurity accident in 2020, a similar percentage to that registered worldwide (70%), shows a survey conducted by Sophos.

Large companies are the ones that have been most concerned about training their employees in cybersecurity, shows the survey by the Internet MX Association and OCCMundial.

Of the total number of companies that trained their staff in cybersecurity:

Among these training, the following aspects stand out:

Regarding the courses that employees have received, the majority have focused on online communication (42%) and work organization (40%). They are followed by:

Even without having a job or self-employment, Internet users show interest in training in the use of digital tools and do so to a greater extent in a self-taught way, reveals the study.

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