OnlyFans will launch a free app for mobiles and TVs, but without nudity: OFTV

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Without entering into discussions about its content, if you open the Android Google Play Store or the iOS App Store right now and type ‘OnlyFans’, you may get several results -in Android for sure-, but none of them is an official application of the company. Why? Because the contents of OnlyFans violate the rules of Apple, Google and their stores.

The closest thing there is is the web interface when opened in a mobile browser, which mimics the type of interface that we would see in an official application.

An OnlyFans mobile app: OFTV

But that’s going to end, because OnlyFans has announced this week precisely its first official application for smartphones. One in which it will enhance the relationship between content creators and users, and in which there will be neither nudity nor ‘paywalls’ or paywalls… Precisely the two pillars on which the success of OnlyFans has been based in these years.

An OnlyFans without nudity or premium paid content? It sounds like a censored version to the extreme, but it is part of the new policy of the company, which wants to break with its image of a platform dedicated to the consumption of suggestive, sensual, sexual material, etc.

According to the Bloomberg site, the application began development in January and was initially only available to OnlyFans creators and subscribers. But now OnlyFans is promoting OFTV to a wider audience, and already has over 800 videos from over 100 creators, according to a spokesperson from OnlyFans to the Mashable website.

Free, no monetization

The app will be available for iOS, Android, iPad and smart TVs, platforms on which it had not been launched until now due to the presence of adult content not accepted by Google Play or the App Store, among others. Unlike the main OnlyFans service, “Nude images are not allowed in the appAccess is also free and OFTV cannot be used to make payments to creators, but the content is also not monetized.

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Are these 800 videos on the same topic, the topic for which OnlyFans has become popular? Well no, because through this official application, users can find videos on any topic, from vlogs to cooking classes, makeup, exercise sessions or meditation.

Vlogs, tricks, tips

According to Tim Stokely, founder and CEO of OnlyFans, “dSince the start of the OnlyFans launch, we have been a platform that prioritizes creators to give them more autonomy and power over their content. It’s about giving creators more opportunities to spread their content and more ways for our community to access it. “

There is also a flagship series in the app called Unlocked, which features exclusive interviews with OnlyFans creators like Mia Khalifa and Bella Thorne. The first season focused on the creators’ journeys to success, and the second season will include “mini-adventures,” according to an OnlyFans spokesperson.

OnlyFans has more than one million creators who generate $ 2 billion in annual sales. According to The Verge, OnlyFans takes 20% of the profits and makes about 400 million dollars annually. A spokesperson told Mashable that they do not plan to match that model with OFTV, and that they will not charge for access to the app.

No nudes

This is just the latest step in OnlyFans’ long journey to move away from nudity and toward a more ‘white’ and less sexual type of content. And, although we usually associate OnlyFans especially with nudes, it should be noted that there are also fitness instructors, dancers and artists who use the platform to publish content, connect with fans and charge for these services.

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The platform has been working to attract investors and earn more money on the SFW scene (Safe For Work, an expression to refer to safe-to-watch content that does not involve nudity), creating a kind of YouTube-Cameo hybrid, a place for celebrities and athletes to connect with fans, according to Bloomberg.

So in the app there will be no nudity, and it will seek to reach a broader and ‘mainstream’ audience. The question is, can it be recycled into these contents? Or will the new policies affect your audience and OnlyFans will end up falling in popularity?


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