Open a new Pokétienda in Madrid; second dedicated to Pokémon of Spain

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From this August 10 it opens in Madrid the second Pokétienda from Spain. After passing through Barcelona, ​​the chain of Kingdom of Toys inaugurates a second establishment in the capital; specifically in the mall X-Madrid, located in Parque Oeste, Alcorcón, south of the community.

As we see in a video shared by Marlau’s corner, the store is exactly what a fan of the pocket-sized universe can expect: lots of merchandise derived from the Pokémon license. Stuffed animals, t-shirts, shoulder bags, hats, figures, glasses, bottles, manga volumes, construction figures and much more.

In addition, the store is decorated and set for the occasion, with walls painted with characters from the animation series, stickers and drawings that create an ecosystem of memories and Coach spirit.

How to get to the Pokétienda and commit all your savings

It is threatening The location for the fans’ wallets is located in the Calle Oslo 53 of Alcorcón. For those who plan to go by public transport, it is best to opt for these two methods, both because of their cost and because of the reduced time compared to taking a vehicle or going by bus:

  • RENFE: Las Retamas station (line C5; you can go from Atocha).
  • Madrid’s Underground: Line 12 (if you come from Madrid, change when you get to Puerta del Sur from Line 10)
  • Center hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:00 to 22:00.

The other Pokétienda of Spain is in Galeries Maldà, Portaferrissa street 22 (08002) in Barcelona.

Upcoming Pokémon Video Games: Dates and Details

The future of Pokémon in video games now passes on two fronts. The first is Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, the long-awaited remakes of Sinnoh for Nintendo Switch, which have not been shown to the public since their announcement last February. They will be released on November 19, 2021. On the other hand, the great appointment of the saga for its 25th anniversary is Legends Pokémon Arceus. A totally different approach to what we were used to when immersing ourselves in the Action RPG genre in the open world. Turn-based fighting will continue, but the relationship with the world will change enormously. The game is set long before today, a single player adventure in which we will discover how the first Pokédex was created. For sale on January 22, 2022.

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