Open source expertise remains in demand on the job market

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The Linux Foundation and edX, a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) provider, have published the ninth “Open Source Jobs Report”. In it, they investigate the question of whether and how the requirements for employees have changed during the coronavirus pandemic and which technologies are in demand.

Although experts in the open source area are in demand – 97 percent of HR officers see their new hiring in 2021 as a high priority – the actual number of hires has slowed. Over half (52 percent) of the workforce said they hired fewer open source experts in the past year due to the pandemic.

However, this is not evident across the board, as 38 percent of companies hired additional workers in the open source area during the pandemic. The authors of the study see this in connection with increasing digital transformation due to lockdown effects.

According to the study, cloud and container technologies (46 percent), Linux development and administration (35 percent) and network technologies (26 percent) are among the most sought-after open source skills on the part of employees and employers. It should be noted that the Linux Foundation, among others, carried out the survey and the report does not reveal the selection method used by the respondents. Other skills in demand are DevOps practices (24 percent) and security practices (23 percent).

The report also lists separately which open source skills the staff and which developers ascribe the highest relevance. When it comes to the top technologies, employees and employers agree and see cloud / container technologies and Linux knowledge at the top. Employers are also interested in AI and machine learning (18 percent).

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The most important open source technologies from the employer's point of view

The most important open source technologies from the employer’s point of view

(Bild: 2021 Open Source Jobs Report)

Certificates are also beneficial for hiring new skilled workers: 72 percent of HR officers would be more likely to hire someone with a certificate, compared with 52 percent last year and 47 percent in 2018. 88 percent are also willing to do so for to pay the certificates of their employees – and they show a high willingness to accept the offer: Over 90 percent of the staff have noticed an increase in further training demand within the last year.

The study also tried to capture the diversity in terms of new hires. 98 percent of the workforce and 75 percent of developers stated that their companies actively value diversity when hiring new employees. However, according to the study, discrimination against open source professionals based on personal characteristics has increased to 18 percent, compared with 11 percent in the previous year.

The “2021 Open Source Jobs Report” is based on a survey by the Linux Foundation and edX from June 8th to July 19th, 2021. It contained the responses of over 200 employees, 47 percent of whom said they were based in North America, and over 750 Open -Source developers. The results of another study by the Linux Foundation, the “2021 Open Source Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey” launched in July, are still pending.

The Linux Foundation presents the “2021 Open Source Jobs Report” available for download.


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