Open this link to Google and see what happens: Autumn on your screen

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There are those who do not like Autumn, because it marks the end of summer, the beginning of work, classes and the return to the daily routine of the year. And it is also the preamble to the cold Winter … But for other people, autumn is the beauty of those twilight landscapes post-summer and pre-winter, the prelude to Christmas, the cold and the rains but also the opportunity to be at home with the blanket.

And especially the holidays like Halloween, Christmas and some of the biggest bridges of the entire calendar.

The fall of Google

Of course, each event of the year is celebrated by Google honoring it with its Doodle, and before a new station the Internet giant could not let it pass. Just today we enter the fall -and we will go out a few days before Christmas-, and the Google doodle reflects this.


Thus, If you open this link you will access the Google results page of the search ‘Autumn’ (autumn in English), and you will be rewarded with a rain of autumn leaves that will fall from the top of the screen. And if you want to see it again, look at the icons that have appeared at the bottom.

If you give the one on the right, you will share the link to this rain of leaves in your networks; if you hit the one on the left, you will see the leaves fall again -and the more you give them the more they will fall. This will work for you both by opening a browser on a desktop PC and a laptop, and also using the google mobile and tablet application.

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An undoubtedly nice idea from Google, what will you be preparing for the arrival of Winter?


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