OpenAI Launches ChatGPT iOS App, Bringing AI Chatbot to iPhone Users

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The Official ChatGPT iOS App

For all users of ChatGPT, accessing the service has been limited to using the browser. This, however, can be quite a hassle for mobile users who are always on the go. Fortunately, a solution has come, at least for Apple fans: the official ChatGPT iOS app.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI has become quite popular these days. More and more people are using ChatGPT or other generative AIs to get the help they need for their work or writing. However, the only way to use ChatGPT was through a browser since its inception.

The Birth of the Official ChatGPT iOS App

The good news is, the answers to the calls of many have finally come as the official ChatGPT app has arrived on iOS. Apple users in the United States can now download the app, but it may take some time for it to be available worldwide.

Safer and More Convenient App Experience

With the official ChatGPT app, users can now access the service with ease. It offers features such as recovering search history from other devices and compatibility with voice input from both iPhone and iPad. The use of the app is free, except if you opt for ChatGPT Plus, which allows you to access the latest version of the software.

What About Android Users?

It’s a bummer for Android users as the ChatGPT app is currently only available on iOS. However, the company has announced that an Android version will be coming soon. Unfortunately, they have not announced a specific release date or if it will be available globally from the start.

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Stay tuned for updates and enjoy using the official ChatGPT app on your iOS device!

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