Oppo shows its new retractable rear camera

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Smartphone manufacturers know that the photographic section is very important in their products. Over time we have seen how it was possible to place several lenses in the same package and, if that were not enough, integrate it into the structure as one more design element. But its mere presence already means building a somewhat thicker phone, so it is necessary to modify the structure in order to fit all the components. But in Oppo have come up with what could be a solution to this problem with their design of a retractable rear camera.

This could be Oppo’s new rear camera design

That a phone has a rear camera is nothing new. In fact, neither is it that it has a mechanical system to provide it with new and better functions. But sometimes the combination of different technologies gives solutions to the most modern devices, as we can see in the case of the construction of the last rear camera that Oppo wants to install on its mobiles.

At first glance everything seems normal, with a classic package and one that covers one of the lenses. It is here where we find the big change with a newer and different construction. It turns out that the Chinese firm has found a way to install a retractable camera with which they will modify even the structure of the phone.

As you can see in the video, the rear camera is activated as soon as the application is turned on, which makes the lens come out of the package and launch all its properties. It may have reminded you of the activation system of compact cameras, which as soon as you press the activation button expands the lens to its initial position.

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This will lead to different improvements such as having slimmer phones on the back and a mechanical zoom function more similar to the devices we were talking about at the beginning. However, to confirm all this we will have to wait for Oppo to provide some kind of information beyond the video that we leave you in this article that you have just read.


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