Oppo will completely hide the front camera with its new screen

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In recent years we have seen how smartphone manufacturers have looked for a way to take advantage of the entire front. It is true that the integration of the notch that we saw with the iPhone X has set the standard not only for Apple, but also for other firms to the point of looking for a way to avoid it. And one of the ones that has worked the most on this has been Oppo, which seems to have finally given with a way to hide the front camera and take good photos.

Oppo improves its screen to hide the camera

Research is important to bring improvements to users within new devices. It may seem that there are no longer features to upgrade, but nothing is further from the truth. There are still features that need a lot of attention such as the screen. Here it is not only necessary to apply an improvement of style, also of functionality. This is what they have been trying to do for years Oppo with the camera under the screen.

But now this improvement is now more efficient thanks to the new feature when making the screens. The company says that to completely hide the selfie camera it has made the screen pixels smaller. It also includes new transparent wiring that helps the lens improve your ability to see. And this is important since all these improvements not only help the aesthetics of the device, but also for it to have greater vision capacity.

It is not only worth that the lens uses many megapixels, but that the vision it has of the outside world is free in any situation. Here we must bear in mind that it is a function that should work in all kinds of situations and that means that the screen is not a problem in terms of brightness. And is that Oppo also confirms that there will be no problem in this regard with the image that we attach in this article launched with this technology.

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When will we see this improvement?

The arrival of this new improvement in the front camera hidden in Oppo phones may be present in the next version of the Find X series which is still pending presentation, although this will be a matter of knowing it through an announcement from the Chinese company.


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