Oppo X 2021, an extensible mobile with a roll-up screen

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2 years ago, flexible smartphones were too new technology, too ‘strange’ in terms of how to use them and how to take advantage of all that they bring. But as time goes by, folding screen mobiles are positioned as the next evolutionary leap in mobile telephony. And although right now they are still expensive and little used, every time we see them in more brands. And Oppo has not wanted to miss them.

Oppo X 2021

On an event for the press, the Chinese brand Oppo has shown the Oppo X 2021 -presented in November 2020-, a prototype of the rolling mobile in which it works. The main difference with respect to other flexible mobiles that we have seen is that Oppo’s X 2021 has a screen that extends horizontally, unrolling before the user’s eyes or extending and shrinking, thus fleeing from the model that opens and closes like a portfolio of other brands.

Going into more technical terms, the design of the mobile in its folded version is that of the typical smartphone, with a very generous 6.7-inch screen. But when it spreads panel grows to 7.4 inches, so it basically becomes a tablet.

How does the screen stretch and shrink? This concept is based on its own motor, with a structure of ‘two plates in one’, which helps to slide the screen panel. This design, however, keeps the device with a reduced thickness of 6.8mm. In the development of Oppo X 2021 the company has implemented 122 patents in total, of which 12 of them focus on the roll-up mechanism of the phone screen.

One more family

How active? The Oppo X 2021 has a capacitive sensor on the right side, which unfolds the screen when you slide your finger up, and closes it by making this same gesture downwards, without using force. This mechanism is added to the area where the home button is located and to the part that surrounds him.

One of the elements in which the brand works is in a system so that videos and images keep playing while the terminal is opening and closing, or while using some applications such as the calendar, with a transition animation that melts the content.

Oppo X 2021 is in development, and currently has only 50 prototypes in the world. The device is in the concept phase and at the moment does not have a launch date or defined characteristics, but Oppo has assured that “it’s going to be a family“, according to Javier Palacios, Marketing Director of Oppo in Spain.


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