What is Orbeez Gun? A New Toy Launcher

Orbeez Gun

Recently tiktok has been flooded with content related to orbeez launchers and guns. The shorts showing people firing orbeez balls through a gun suddenly went viral, increasing the demand for such toys. Not just children or even adults are shocked by this orbeez gun. So, what is actually an orbeez gun? Is it safe for children? Let’s read on to know more.

Orbeez Gun- A new toy launcher

Orbeez guns or gel blasters are toy guns that can shoot orbeez balls or water beads at different speeds. Orbeez balls are gel balls.

Before you understand the concept of the orbeez launcher, let’s know about the orbeez balls first. These balls become larger when they are kept in water. These beads usually contain sodium hydroxide, acrylic acid, and some color pigments. The balls are available in beads formation. As you keep these tiny beads in water, they absorb water and can grow even 150x their original size. The ball has a gel-like consistency and is available in different colors and sizes.

For orbeez guns, you can buy the kit with a packet of 50000 beads. You must soak these beads in water for at least eight hours to expand them and make them suitable for the gun.

The blasting gun is similar to a toy launching gun. The gun has a reservoir compartment or tank at its top or side. In design, the gun is similar to the paintball guns.

Some gun models have triggers that start the spring mechanism and the gun shoots orbeez from its launching hole. In other models, the gun also has a spring loader with a back-and-forth mechanism for effective gun control. Advanced models with automatic rapid-firing functions are also available in the market.

Orbeez launchers of larger sizes can also come with a hose to quickly fill the reservoir while firing. The range of the orbeez guns can vary. While smaller guns have a range of 10 to 16 ft, the larger models can fire the gel balls to a distance of 70 ft or even more.

The basic orbeez guns are available at $40, and the advanced models can go higher, selling at a price tag of $100 or even more.

Why do people love toy guns?

Children’s love for toy guns is not something new. Children love projectile guns, anything that can throw something- that gives off the vibe of a real gun. The toy gun was first invented in the 13th century in China, where children used to throw clay pellets from a gun at each other while playing.

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By the 11th century, Europe was buzzing with the trend of guns. The wooden or metal toy guns were usually given to the boys. In the early 20th century, more toy companies started showing interest in making and designing toy guns. Hence, premium toy guns made by companies like Mattel and Daisy Manufacturing Company began to flood the market.

In 1992 the toy gun sector first introduced a real projectile gun named NERF sharpshooter. This gun allowed children to throw and fire foam darts and pellets at each other. The ext decades saw the huge popularity of paintball guns and paintball fights. People wore protective gear and fired paintballs or different colors at each other through projectile guns.

These guns became popular because children and young adults loved the idea of a mock fight while throwing each other safe and foam projectiles. The recent launch of the orbeez guns is an advanced-level projectile gun. These guns have a more realistic feeling and throw circular orbeez balls, which are safe and skin-friendly.

Probably it is also a manifestation of the children’s love for toy guns for ages. But, interestingly, not just the children, the adults are also going gaga over the orbeez guns. After all, who does not love a simple game or mock fight by teaming up?

What is about the orbeez gun challenge on tik tok?

The recent popularity of the orbeez guns is probably linked to the famous tik tok orbeez gun challenge. In this challenge, people are seen loading their orbeez guns to the maximum level and firing the gel balls at each other or people passing by.

The challenge is fun, and often children or a group of friends are seen frying orbeez balls at each other in their backyard or on the playground. But, the challenge caught up some hot water when some challengers were seen firing the orbeez balls at an unknown passerby or random people without their consent. Some people also got scared as the orbeez guns were striking replicas of real firearms, causing them to freak out!

Apart from those small incidents, the changeling is safe and fun for anyone who loves to play a mock fight with their friends or family.

How to choose your orbeez gun?

Orbeez guns can be available in the market in different shapes and sizes and with additional features. When buying it for your kid, you need to be extra careful. Because you want to have, your child to have fun while being safe from any injuries. Here is how to choose the ideal orbeez gun for your kid-

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Age of your children

The first thing you need to consider is the age of your children. Younger children or toddlers can be given basic orbeez launchers that throw gel balls at low speed and are easier to handle. But you can easily go for the complex models if you have a tween or teenage child. Such models have reservoirs or hoses and can have higher capacity. Such models can throw 50-60 balls at once to a range of 30 to 60 ft distance.

 How will the gun be used?

The best thing you need to consider is the usage of eh gun. A basic launcher gun can be enough if your child wants to get a model for a mock fight among friends. But, if they are into more competitive sports, for example, combat sports with orbeez guns or shooting, you will have to go for advanced models with multiple features and precise shooting.

The budget

Before you start shopping, decide on your budget. Orbeez guns can also be expensive, depending on their features or brand name. Generally, a basic model is available for $50, but advanced models can be $100 or even more.

 Your child’s preference

Even if all children or young adults love the orbeez launcher, you need to consider their playing or toy preference before getting them an orbeez gun. Those who love action figures and are especially inclined towards guns and projectiles can be given an advanced-gen launcher with a reservoir and a larger tank with a higher firing speed. But, a regular model is enough for those who use the gun occasionally.

Before buying, always conduct detailed research to shortlist a few orbeez guns at our budget. Make sure to read the reviews of those guns. It will help you choose the best model to gift your children or a young family member during the holiday season!

Some fun activities with orbeez gun

Orbeez guns can be used in different ways to ensure your children have fun with your or their friends. Here are some activity ideas-

Shooting competition

 A simple shooting competition among friends with orbeez guns can be a rewarding and exciting event. You can do this at your child’s birthday party or even conduct this fun competition during holidays when all the family members are together.

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Here is how to conduct this competition-

  • For shooting targets, you can use weather balloons or paper cups even DIY targets like a dart board or anything else that can be toppled or shot easily.
    • First, clear up your backyard or the empty room. Next, set the targets at fixed levels. You can also use targets of different colors or shapes and sizes to add an exciting touch to the event.
    • Ask your children to load a preset number of orbeez balls (for example. Ten or five etc.). They will have to use only one ball to shoot each target. Whoever hits the most or hits fastest will be deemed the winner.

Who shoots most

 This basic yet simple game is fun and easy- anyone can participate. Ask the participants to shoot orbeez balls constantly for one minute or 30 seconds. Whoever hits the most balls within the stipulated time will be considered the winner.

In this case, choose a single orbeez launcher. All participants will have to use the same gun. You can take a record of each participant to make the competition more exciting!

Mock fight

Do you have young adults at your home? Or do you have a sleepover t your home? Then this game can be a fun addition for your child and their friends. It is also an excellent game for adults who want to have some fun-

You can create two teams who will wear different colored outfits to distinguish them from each other. Find strategic places where you can hide. Players will have to find their opponents and shoot orbeez at them. Those shot with orbeez balls will be considered “dead” and have to get out of the game and sit elsewhere.

The team that shoots the most members of the opponent team or the team with more members at the end of a particular time will be considered the winner.

Do you or your children love battle royale, zombie, or warfare games? In such cases, these games are a great choice to get some adrenaline rush and have fun with family or friends.

Instead of having the present participants in two teams, you can set up a zombie and human fight game. Ask some participants to dress up as zombies. The others will be considered “human survivors” who will have to shoot the “zombies” to win the game!

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