Oriana Montero clarifies what happened on Tuesday in La Voz Perú by stopping her live show

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Last Tuesday, Oriana montero surprised everyone by paralyzing his live performance on “The Voice Peru”For the alleged inappropriate tone of the orchestra in the song“ Listen ”by Beyoncé.

“I know that many thought it was disrespectful, but it was also disrespectful to me. The rehearsal was just before the program and after rehearsing I approached someone from the production and expressed my concern, I told him that I did not feel comfortable, so I stopped everything. I know it was crazy, but I did my best ”, he assured.

However, the coaches disagreed with her singing the song again on Tuesday. “I have not seen that before, not even in the best singers in the world, but the reason we know is different”, commented Eva Ayllón.

“Oriana deserves to be on that stage and on another one bigger than this one, but we will not learn to be tougher. Hence we complain about why they are not internationalized. Things are worse outside ”, he limited Daniela Darcourt.

It should be noted that Montero was saved by the public vote, but the news did not make her happy because she felt saved by the public. “Thanks to the people who supported me tonight “she pointed through tears.

On the production side Cristian Rivero He spoke with Montero about what happened and explained why he was given a new opportunity. The presenter pointed out that after the rehearsal, Montero went to a production staff and asked for this change, but he did not notify.

“That person on the team did not communicate, that is why that concession was given. There are many areas involved to make this program a reality. It is very clear that any changes are made during the rehearsal, you finish the rehearsal and there are no changes. That’s where I say it is a shared responsibility ”, concluded.

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