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Original Composer Praises Steven Spielberg’s “West Side History”

A couple of days ago we saw the new trailer for the remake of West side history Directed by Steven Spielberg. Advancement based his montage on the famous theme Tonight and made us vibrate towards the epic, thanks to incredible technical and artistic display who seems to have created King Midas of Hollywood for this renewed musical. The fine hand of the filmmaker creating products that work both at the box office and with the response of international critics leads to possibly be a favorite in several categories to the golden statuettes to be held in March 2022. But in case this expected premise is not enough, Stephen Sondeheim, the original composer of the stage musical on which the film is based has praised the new adaptation.

Sondheim is considered by many as greatest songwriter in Broadway history, so your recommendation and endorsement is not like the rest. The musician has generously spoken about this review of his work on Stephen Colbert’s late show: “It is really fantastic. Everyone must go. They will really have a good time. And for all those who know the work, there will be some real surprises ”.

It is partly due, as Sondheim assured in the interview, thanks to Tony Kushner. Spielberg’s regular screenwriter has twice been nominated for an Oscar for adapting Munich and Lincoln and for the composer “He’s done some really imaginative and amazing things with the way the songs are used in the story.” He also noted that it “feels fresh” and that both Spielberg and Kushner have nailed it, despite the obvious difficulty of the project.

West side history
«West side history» (20 Century Fox)

From the words of the Broadway legend it must be assumed that this musical reinvention of Romeo and Juliet it will be quite different from the version you won 10 Academy Awards Oscars. However, Sondheim is not that we say a fan of the first version: “I don’t think West Side history be a good movie because it’s not a movie. It is a photograph of a stage “. West side history will be released next December 10 of this 2021.

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