Orlando Bloom will be Prince Harry in a series that is not the Crown

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In the last moment, The Crown became one of the most successful series in telling the real and unscrupulous history of the British monarchy. Despite the wishes of the Windsors, Peter Morgan continues to capture the most painful secrets of royalty and, it is expected that next year, Netflix will add the fifth season to its catalog, which will worsen its image, recounting from the time of the 90s until the 2000s.

However, in recent months, the production of The Crown found himself in trouble for not finding an interpreter for one of the most important members of royalty: Prince Harry. Although the duke is no longer part of the senior members of the monarchy, he is an important part of the story since he is one of Lady Di’s children and, in the next edition, his whole story will be told.

Prince Harry still has no interpreter on The Crown. Photo: (Getty)

However, there is a series that won the play to The Crown and it is precisely one of the most controversial: The Prince, created by screenwriter Gary Janetti. This fiction is a cartoon with political connotations and, in a way, it ridicules all the Windsors, but especially Prince George, the eight-year-old firstborn of Prince William.

This strip, broadcast by HBO Max was criticized and even disapproved, completely, by the monarchy since little George was characterized as a true snob and fan of social networks who terrorizes service members and only respects his great-grandmother, that is to say, the Queen. But, who is also part of the story is, in fact, Prince Harry.

Orlando Bloom will be Prince Harry in The Prince.  Photo: (Getty)

Orlando Bloom will be Prince Harry in The Prince. Photo: (Getty)

Although it will only be a drawing as a drawing, the Duke of Sussex has not yet commented on it, but there is something on which you can rest easy: his friend and neighbor, Orlando Bloom, will be the one to give him his voice. Although, it should be noted that you are probably not much of a fan of The Prince since it leaves a minor in a very bad way.

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