Oscar from OV7 denies that Kalimba was not aware of the band’s next series

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Today more than ever the fans are very clear that inside OV7 there are misunderstandings and lack of communication between its members.

For a couple of years, it has become clear to OV7 fans that there are clear differences between its members. Since that controversial departure of the band from the 90’s Pop Tour poster, the accusations against Ari Borovoy, as well as the alleged dispute between Lidia Ávila and M’Baila over the latter’s relationship, it seems that something is not right.

Added to this list of conflicts is the band’s bioseries.

After confirming that OV7 will bring his story to the screen, Kalimba came out to declare that he had never been consulted about this project.

“May God bless you, it will be a great series, they send me my royalties there. My point of view is that they should tell me, because apparently they already warned you and I didn’t, so I didn’t know that they were going to do the series, “he said in an interview for Windowing.

Despite his words, his partner Óscar Schwebel affirms that Kalimba did know about this project.

Because it says? The details, in the video above.


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